A Philosophical Question of the Big Bang and ‘God’……

7 Dec

I entered this world with nothing and that is how I leave it.

With nothing.

Many great minds have helped to unlock the mystery of what

we are made from, how the chemicals in our bodies were formed in the stars and the ultimate fate of our existence, according to the second law of thermodynamics.

Still they fail to answer the biggest question of all; why?

If you could fill a room with the greatest minds of philosophy and science and provided the elixir for everlasting life, even with an eternity to ponder the questions of where

we came from and is there a meaning to our lives the answer will always prove illusive.

The search for an answer will persist for millennia, possibly eternity.

We have no answer and we have no apparent purpose other than to act as a host to proliferate a strand of deoxyribonucleic acid.

We began to realise that we are an insignificant accident of evolution in an unimaginably large universe with no purpose but to propagate the continuity of what could be perceived as a meaningless existence.

With no definitive answers we will never know the reason, or the parameters of the question.

In an act of delusional self importance, when faced with the reality of the insignificance of a futile existence at a place of geographical unimportance, we created a ‘god’ to instil a mythological power to give significance to our place within the vastness of a predominantly empty space.

We even have the self deluded importance to imagine that ‘God’ was somehow a reflection of the human race and ‘made man in his image’, when the reality is clearly the other way around.  This only demonstrates the self deluded arrogance of man’s ability to place him at the top of a genetic tree, which in reality may as well have had ‘God’ as a Cucumber considering the differences in the Genome structure.

I offer no explanation for the existence of the universe, our galaxy or the evolution of human beings.  However, I do propose that an omni-present ‘God’ is not watching over us, nor is ‘God’ responsible for the creation of the vast observable universe and I doubt very much that he set in motion a 13.7 billion year plan, only to intervene a mere 2,000 years ago to set out his instructions for humans to follow in search of restitution for any wrongs for which they may have felt no guilt before the Christian doctrine was set out.

In some ways science and religion share a common problem.  Science cannot explain what existed before the big bang and religion cannot explain if  ‘God’ created everything, who created ‘God’?


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