Small Things……

3 Dec

‘It’s the small things in life that are the most important’

Funny how some of the 20th century’s authors had an uncanny knack of predicting the future.  Orwell’s ‘1984’ is now frightening real and H.G Wells ‘War of the Worlds’ probably holds the answer to the end of the human race.  It’s not the NWO, Illuninati, nuclear bombs or mans seemingly endless abilility to kill his brothers due predominately to differing opinions about an imaginary god.  Mankind’s downfall will likely come from something you’d need a powerful microscope to see.


No, they’re not the latest thing in the fight to quit smoking, it’s a pesticide.  After years trying to establish the reason for Colony Collapse Disorder, the name given to the sudden disappearance of bees, Neonicotinoids have been identified as a strong contender.  It’s thought that it disorientate bees and interfere with breading.  CCD, or ‘Mary Celeste Syndrome’ as some UK bee-keepers call it, has been around since 2006/7 and bee-keepers have been finding their hives empty.  Bees pollinate a huge percentage of agricultural crops and natural plants within the environment.  Albert Einstein once said ‘If the bees die out the human race will follow four years later’.  Well he may have been out on his maths by a bit but then he was with ‘General Relativity’ (give me four hours and I’ll explain!)……

As if the threat of the complete collapse of the food chain wasn’t bad enough there’s the subject of the climate.  Personally, and not without considerable research, I’m not entirely convinced human’s contribution to CO2 is to blame.  CO2 represents a tiny percentage of ‘greenhouse’ gasses (0.04%) and our contribution (approximately 1/3) pales into insignificance when compared to natural sources such as rotting plant matter.  Plus the original ice core data, the ‘smoking gun’  has been examined more closely.  The popular opinion is that the CO2 increases followed by the temperature and this correlation appears correct upon first examination.  However, when looked at closely things are the other way around; the temperature goes up followed by the CO2.  I not a global warming denier, heaven forbid, I’m just not convinced we are to blame.  Humans have a tendency to give themselves the credit for everything when the truth is that this planet has existed for 5 billion years without us and the climate changed hundreds of thousands of times before we even crawled out of the swamps.  I am, however, more concerned with the tiny organisms which live in the worlds oceans.  The increase in acidity has major effects on Coral, Crustaceans and Phytoplankton all of which is bad news for ocean dwelling creatures and for its ability to absorb CO2.  This effect is far greater than the human contribution to CO2 emissions.  For a full explanation follow this link……

Not that I want to be a doom-monger but the other small thing on the agenda is the virus and not the one that fucks up your laptop.virus1  ‘Bugs’ are one of evolution’s truly amazing creations.  They don’t need to build cities and cars.  They don’t need to grow crops or murder cows, sheep and pigs.  All they need is us to host and spread them around.  They also have the ability to evolve at a rate that Darwin would have appreciated if he’d been able to see them.  Not only can they outsmart our defences but our own cleverness’ has provided them with Boeing 747’s, air conditioning and cities tightly packed with potential victims.  Something tells me that when we become extinct and join the other 99% of ex-creatures that have ever lived, it will be something small that kills us off……

It is only our delusions of grandeur that make us believe our demise will be a Steven Spielberg style apocalypse.  Have a nice day at work and, don’t stand too close to anybody in the lift!……


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