The Manifesto – Part One……

2 Dec

‘Money makes the world go around.  Therefore, economics is central to the inequality which affects 90% of us.  Economics is a boring subject so in the manifesto I will deal with the issues that will reset the barometer without going deeply into economics but the first point below is important and may surprise you’……



The Bank of England……Bank-of-England-Logo

I’ll try to keep this short and simple.  There are a few things you need to know about ‘The Bank of England.  The first and most important thing about ‘The Bank of England is that it is not the nation’s bank, nor is under the control of the Government.  It is a private institution just the same as HSBC, LloydsTSB or Barclays.  The only difference between the High Street banks and ‘The Bank of England is that it has the monopoly on ‘printing’ our money.  In practice what this means for you and me is that whenever the Government needs to borrow money from ‘The Bank of England it is brought into existence with added interest which we have to pay through our taxes.

This is unacceptable.  So, the first item in the manifesto will be to re-nationalise the ‘The Bank of England which will mean that, should the Government need to borrow from ‘The Bank of England, it comes without interest added.

If you want more information on ‘The Bank of England click this link……

The Armed Forces……

None of us would question the bravery of our armed forces and they are only carrying out the orders from above, ultimately the Ministry of Defence and the Cabinet.  However, we need to look at the threats to the UK and what is required to deal with them.

The second Iraq war which was arguably illegal and certainly unnecessary cost the UK tax payer £7.5 billion and was based on a lie which the Government were aware of from the start.  This was a war crime.  It was nothing more than a retaliation for 9/11 which is questionable itself.  The Afghanistan war has cost the UK tax payer £20 billion and again was instigated by America under the assumption that Osama Bin Laden was hiding in a cave and, that the training camps posed a direct threat to our national security.  Well, any acts of terrorism that have taken place in the UK were undertaken by British nationals with no direct links to Bin Laden, Afghanistan or Al Qaeda.  Both of these wars have cost the lives of thousands of troops and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and the £27.5 billion price tag does not include the rehabilitation of the injured troops or benefit payments to them, having had their lives destroyed for no good reason, nor does it include the interest payments.

This brings me to the second manifesto commitment.  We are not threatened by any of our immediate neighbours, in fact, the opposite is true.  The European Union stands together as powerful allies numbering 27 countries.  There is an infinitesimally small threat to our nation and as such we do not need to spend billions on a nuclear deterrent.  Military Intelligence can deal with any ‘terrorist’ threat which, were we not throwing our weight around in the Middle East, would be virtually nonexistent.  This would represent a huge saving in the country’s budget and our troop’s lives……

Re-Nationalising Industries……pound-sign

Many of the fundamental utilities upon which we all rely were built by our Government with the taxes our forefathers paid, i.e. gas, electricity, water, railways, telecommunications and others.  During the 1980’s the Conservative Government saw an opportunity to raise some easy cash by selling them off to ‘Syd’.  They had no right to do this as they did not belong to them to start with.  Since then a small number of large multi-national companies have taken control of these utilities, made the bare minimum investment in the infrastructure and slowly but endlessly raised the cost to the consumer.  Although there is more than one operator of each utility it is not considered a monopoly but with so few companies involved, acting as a single unit, they have become anti-competitive and we are paying the endlessly increasing prices.

The third commitment of the manifesto is to re-nationalise these industries and, in doing so, re-invest the profits in any improvements necessary and reduce the cost of these basic utilities we cannot live without.  As well as reducing costs to the consumer it will have the effect of increasing revenues to the treasury, to the benefit of us all, rather than (as reported in a recent Dripping Tap report on Anglian Water) tax loopholes are exploited, zero corporation tax is paid and the profits are shipped offshore for the benefit of someone else other than the hard working British tax payer.  No longer will 27,000 elderly people die for fear of putting on their heating……

‘These are the first three of many proposals which will need to be implemented.  As previously stated, there is more than enough wealth for everybody to have a comfortable life; it’s what you do with it that counts.  It may take a revolution to achieve these goals but together we are stronger than the 700 criminals currently running the show’


Steps 4, 5 and 6 will follow soon……


The Dripping Tap……



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