Change is on the Horizon……

30 Nov



The Seeds of a Revolution……


Revolutions are something that happen in South America, Africa and the Middle East, or at least that’s the impression we get here in ‘Great’ Britain.  But revolutions happen when the population of a country get to a tipping point where they can no longer put up with the unfairness of inequality and realise that the inequality is being caused by a corrupt system of government.


We are deceived into thinking that we live in a democracy but we don’t.  Firstly, the voting system is unrepresentative.  The votes cast are not divided equally by the number of seats in our parliament.  The constituencies are all different sizes and by moving the boarders the outcomes of elections can be controlled. For example:  The areas surrounding a city are more likely to populated by the middle classes who are more likely to be Conservative voters, whereas the inner-city with more social and council housing are more likely to be Labour voters, so you can see how the boundaries can contribute to the outcome of an election.  Secondly, the turn out of the electorate may be as low as 27%.  When you divide the votes cast, a party can be elected with as little as 8 to 10% of the votes cast, hardly a mandate from the people.  The politicians will argue that if the public choose not to use their vote that is their choice and the result is still democratic.  However, one has to ask why 70% of the population choose not to vote?  Well, apathy is high amongst voters and there is a simple explanation.  No party is bound by its manifesto.  The promises they make to get your support goes out of the window once they have achieved their objective.  The feeling is that whoever you vote for you get pretty much the same outcome.  The reason parties tend to last for 2 or maybe 3 terms in office is because when the electorate has had enough there is a protest vote and we get a new Prime Minister.  This is what happened in the last general election and has anything really changed?


Starting the Revolution……


You only have to look back to the riots in August last year to realise that control is easily lost once the numbers are large enough to overpower the police.  Had the riots spread to every city in the UK the police would have lost control.  They had already lost control in London and had to leave the riots to burn themselves out, quite literally in some cases.  I am not advocating violence.  Dr. Martin Luther-King and Ghandi are living proof that change can take place peacefully when the overwhelming power of numbers takes effect.


A peaceful revolution is possible if it is well organised; a power that we know all hold in our hands thanks to technology.


A Manifesto for Change……


In the next Dripping Tap blog I will lay out the reasons that a change is needed.  Explain the scams and corruption that take place on a daily basis and how a new system could level the playing field.  We are the 3rd richest nation on Earth and there is no reason for 27,000 old people to die each winter and disabled people to take their own lives through despair……


‘Stay tuned, a change may be on the horizon’……


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