Anglian Water in Tax Dodge……

26 Nov

Well, well, well, if my favourite utility company hasn’t gone and done it again.  Despite a turn over of £1.138 billion and an operating profit of £492.1 million they paid not one penny in corporation tax in 2011/2012.

Love Ever Penny

As Dripping Tap followers will already know and is openly available to view online, Anglian Water has a little concern in the Cayman Islands which has no employees and delivers not a drop of water to.

In their defence they say that they have paid in £150 million to the economy in taxes but upon closer inspection these are made up of the employees PAYE contributions and the taxes they collect on your water bill.

What they’re doing isn’t illegal, as they were quick to point out; it’s tax ‘avoidance’ as opposed to tax ‘evasion’, which would be a crime.  However, whether it is ethical or not isn’t really up for debate.  Yet again, a company that was built on the backs of our parents, grandparents and their parents, was sold off by a corrupt bunch of criminals (of MP’s as they prefer to be called), so that a bunch of shareholders, none of which are even from the UK reap the rewards of your water bills which could be reduced by a large amount had the crooks not sold off the family silver.

Anglian Water are also guilty of ecological crimes as they turn off part of the decontamination process during the winter to save a few quid and dump some very undesirable stuff directly into the North Sea.  They will of course defend this activity so how about the CEO drinking a glass of their out-flow for a publicity photo?

Yet another company that technically belongs to you fucking you over for all they can get and getting away with it whilst in the corridors of power they’re tackling the important stuff, like penalising disabled people and murdering innocent Afghanis with their play-station war machines.

‘Anglian Water bigwigs, you know who you are and so do I.  Eat shit you low life mother fuckers’……..


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