22 Nov

The Fighting Stops, for Now……

Thankfully, the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine appears to be holding.  I note that the way in which it was reported in the press has taken the usual rhetorical zeitgeist.  The BBC news website described the ceasefire as being between Israel and ‘the Islamist Hamas movement’.  This is true of most of the popular news outlets.  Nowhere was the ceasefire described as being between the occupying Jewish Israeli Government and the Palestinians.  Hamas have governed Gaza and some other parts of Palestine having won a majority in the 2006 election.  This gives them a mandate to govern which is more than can be said for our current coalition and, whether western governments like it or not, Palestine is an Islamic democracy, unlike Saudi Arabia which is not.  Although, this fact doesn’t seem to bother the British and American Governments who are happy to supply huge amounts of military hardware to them and Israel……

How Long Will the Ceasefire Last……

Unfortunately, I fear the fighting is destined to resume at some point in the foreseeable future.  It will probably be Hamas who fire the first shots but this will be out of desperation rather than malice and a wish to have hundreds of innocent citizens killed in the crossfire.  The problem lies with the Israelis.  We are back to the two state solution and the fact that it simply will not happen without the political will of the Israeli Government and pressure from the UN, UK and US Governments for Israel to respect the UN Resolutions, 30 of which Israel it is in breach of and, the Geneva Conventions.  Here is a map of the region showing the extent of the illegal Israeli settlements.

Illegal Israeli Settlements

It also shows some of the roads which are exclusively for the use of Israeli settlers.  You can probably imagine the fury of the Palestinians when they are made to wait, sometimes for hours, at Israeli roadblocks whilst the occupying Israeli settlers breeze through on their own modern highways.  It’s like rubbing salt into an open wound……

A Conundrum……

Adolph Hitler committed some if the most unimaginably vile crimes against the Jewish people and exterminated six million.  A group of people who have suffered this sort of treatment within living memory you would think would be sensitive to human rights.  This is why I find it so hard to understand why they behave the way they do with regard to the Palestinians.  It is also pretty clear that western interests are prepared to stand aside and allow crimes to be committed.  We have started wars with other nations for lesser reasons.  Until the Israelis are forced to comply the Palestinians have very few options but to fight for their territory and right to an economic future, healthcare, education and development.  I am not anti-Semitic.  I do not care what religion you choose or the colour of your skin.  All I care about is human rights and, from where I’m standing, Israel needs to put its house in order.

The Official Line……

The Department for International Development is giving £86 million per year in aid to the Palestinians.  Here’s a link to their glossy literature which is full rhetoric about ‘Wealth Creation’, ‘Health and Welfare’ and ‘Redevelopment and Rebuilding’ .  However, when the Israelis are blocking the basic materials needed to build homes and medical supplies it’s hard to see how this aid is reaching Palestine…….

‘This is unlikely to be the last time this subject will appear in my blog.  I have written to the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, to ask if we are putting official pressure on Israel and, if not, why not?  Please do the same: haugew@parliament.uk.  I also intend to raise a petition through change.org.  Please sign it when you get the link.’



The Dripping Tap……

Addendum – Owen Jones, the Independent columnist appeared on tonight’s Question Time.   I think the points he made about Israel are valid, as did the audience.   Thank you Owen for telling it like it is.  Israel is in the wrong and the Palestinians are the oppressed and the sooner the rest of the world can see this, the sooner the Palestinians will have a state and a future…….


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