Hypocrisy and Lies in the Middle East……

18 Nov

Pick up any mainstream newspaper today and you will be confronted with the latest round of destruction in Israel and Palestine.  You may also feel a sense, emphasised by the language used, that Israel is defending itself against ‘terrorist’ actions taken by the Palestinians.  This theme that a western style democracy is acting against a lawless enemy is ever present in the media’s reporting, giving the impression that the Palestinians are the aggressors but faced with the same set of circumstances I would be on the front line with the Palestinians.

As I explained in the previous article the Israeli Government is in breach of dozens of UN Resolutions and the Geneva Convention.  By blocking essential supplies to Gaza they are making life impossible for the Palestinians and when they take aggressive action it is partly because they feel they have no other choice…….

The Two State Solution……

The ‘two state solution’ has been talked about for decades but the Israelis, underscored by their actions, have no intention of negotiating a settlement.  The first stage in any two state negotiations would have to start with the Israelis honouring, or to be more precise respecting the UN and Geneva Conventions…….

The Palestinians Right to Fight……

I fully endorse the Palestinians right to fight for their territory providing they respect the rules of engagement but any accusation of Palestinians targeting civilians can be levelled at Israel.  If this conflict was happening anywhere else in the world the west would either take no interest or back the Palestinians but it isn’t.  It is happening at the strategic centre of the Middle East and it is due to the Americans that it is allowed to continue unchallenged……

History and Religion……

Any person with a modicum of intelligence knows that god does not exist and,  therefore, any biblical claim that the Jews have to be in Jerusalem is worthless.  The land they occupy  belongs historically to the Arabs and they have every right to demand it back.  Instead they are treated as second class citizens, subjected to demoralising treatment at the hands of the Israelis and denied any chance to progress economically.  To add to an already disgraceful situation they are having more land taken from them by force contrary to International Law with the backing of the United States of America which sells itself to the world as a pillar of democracy and freedom.  Need I remind you that America was built on the theft of Native American land and their blood, not to mention slavery and racist segregation……

‘I hope the Palestinians can find a way to redress the balance and reclaim what is rightfully theirs’……


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