Problem? Have an Independent Enquiry…….

31 Oct

This seems to be the solution to all cock ups by MP’s when they don’t want answer those awkward questions about how knew what when.  It started with Hutton and moved on through to Leveson although I’ve no doubt that we haven’t seen the end of them just yet, the latest being sparked by the Jimmy Savile paedophile revelations.


The more cynical amongst you may well think, as I do, that these long drawn out enquiries, often with a narrow remit, act as a delaying tactic so that anybody implicated escapes any potential prosecution or embarrassment due to the time delay and limited terms of the enquires.


We all remember ‘Hutton’, which wasn’t an enquiry into the reasons we went to war in Iraq.  Its narrow remit was to establish whether the BBC were right to run the story by Andrew Gilligan and force him to reveal his source.  The upshot of ‘Hutton’ was to expose the man who had expressed his concerns that the then Governments position, that we were at imminent threat of attack from chemical, biological and nuclear weapons with only 20 minutes warning, when Dr. David Kelly, a senior UN inspector had found nothing of the sort.  Rather than Tony Blair and his henchmen being dragged into the International Criminal War Crimes Court, Dr. Kelly ended up ‘taking his own life’ and was rosy in the Labour camp.


Similarly, the Leveson enquiry into press standards has proved to be another red herring, diverting the embarrassingly cosy relationships between our leaders and the most powerful media company on the planet.  Having heard months of ‘evidence’ with a high degree of selective amnesia we seem to have forgotten that what the various journalists and editors embroiled in the story have committed criminal offences under the 2003 Communications act, which a matter for the police and not Lord Justice Leveson.


Not forgetting the MP’s expenses scandal enquiry which found that some MP’s had flouted the rules and were made to pay back the money to which they were not entitle to.  If I were to claim some Social Security or Tax benefit I was not entitled to, I would surely have found myself in front of a judge?


Now we have had the announcements of the Savile enquiries, of which there are many.  Again, this is a criminal matter


and the police can question under oath anybody they wish and seize any document relevant to the case.  Instead, we will have a long drawn out enquiry to protect those who new wrongdoing was taking place.  Savile can burn in hell but his victims deserve better……


‘Just who are the real terrorist threatening this country?’


‘We should launch an enquiry to find out’……


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