UK Energy ‘Policy’ is Dangerously Incoherent……

25 Oct

Keeping the Lights On……


The current status of energy generation in the UK is in a state of disarray.  The pandering to the worldwide ‘green energy policy’ over the past 25 years has left us with obligations which we cannot meet and, more seriously, has left us in a position whereby we will start to run out of energy production within the next 10 years.


As a part of our international obligations and some would say in revenge for the industrial action taken by the coal industry I the 1980’s, we are set to decommission many of our coal fired power stations, which we could run for 200 years using the coal beneath our feet, in favour of gas fired stations for which we produce only 40% of the fuel required, meaning we are at the mercy of the markets for the remaining 60%.


In the 2007 White Paper on Energy the Department of Trade and Industry state that an investment of £20 trillion will be needed by 2030 to guarantee our energy supplies and meet the targets of climate change.


Power station closures planned before 2025 include 6 coal fired, 3 oil fired and 9 nuclear which represents 25% of UK output.  We currently have plans for several new nuclear power stations, Hinkley Point C will be the first, but this is still in the planning stages and funding has not yet been agreed, so it will probably be at least 5 years before work begins and a further 7 to 10 before it’s online.


Of all the renewable energy projects falling woefully short of current demand and needing alternative backup sources for when they are unable to contribute to the grid, the vision of a country running on green energy is a myth.


The UK energy policy is a shambles.  We do not have plans in place to replace the stations due for decommissioning or to cover the natural increase in demand.  All of the climate change summits have amounted to nothing more than political manoeuvring and expensive commitments.  Even if we had an unending money supply and we started work tomorrow we would still not be able to provide the infrastructure required to maintain the status quo, let alone account for climate change and the natural growth required.  As with the railways, roads, airports and pipelines, we have neglected our responsibility to the future and it will come back to bight us……


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