Religion Lite – Try Before you Buy……

24 Oct


It may surprise you to know that in the 2001 census 71.58% of people in the UK claimed to be Christians.  Only 15.49% declared ‘none’, which one assumes means Atheist, the remainder comprising Islam, Sikh, Jewish and the many other minority groups one would expect in what is a traditionally Christian country.  However, this does not appear to reflect church attendance figures which has been falling consistently for years.  Using the latest data only 1.098% of the population attend church, so what are the other 70.48% of self-declared Christians doing on a Sunday morning?  I don’t remember an 11th commandment stating ‘Thy must wash thine automobile’, so what’s going on?

90% statistics are notoriously unreliable (95% if you believe some surveys).  The results depend largely on the question.  On the UK census the religion questions simply says ‘Religion’ and then list the options for you to tick.  Although there is an option for ‘none’, we are predisposed to think of ourselves as being, for example: Christian, because we were Christened, attended Sunday Schools, said the Lords Prayer in school assembly and think of our parents as Christians.  If the question on the census said; ‘Religion whose doctrines and belief systems you adhere to and whose church you attend on a regular basis’, I think the 71.58% would be somewhat lower.  This probably applies to many of the other religions listed on the census……

Religion Lite – Hedging your Bet……

This subject arose due to the fact that I have, unfortunately, had to attend several funerals lately, some for close family and relatives.  At all of the services there was a certain amount of “walking through the valley of death” and, after much argument, “The Lords Prayer”.  As all of the people we had lost were clearly Atheists, I raised the question of why we were acting like demented sheep and entertaining the Lords Prayer, which was meaningless to them whilst they were still with us.  My mother explained that this was a sort of insurance policy ‘just in case there was a god’.  This, I pointed out, was a ridiculous position to take.  If there is a god then he is omnipresent, knows our every thought and action even whilst asleep; meaning that the people to whom we were saying goodbye were all guilty of a multitude of sins ranging from extramarital sex to masturbation and 60 people mumbling the Lords Prayer was not going to cut it at the gates of Heaven…….

I find it hard to understand how anyone can believe there’s a god in the first place and even harder to believe that conducting the final service with a small slice of the recommended doctrine would have any effect on the ‘soul’ of the deceased……

The Next Time Someone Claims to Follow a Religion……

Question them a little further.  If they’re Christians ask them if when taking Communion they actually believe that the bread turns literally into the flesh of Christ and the wine his blood?  Ask them if they believe the planet is less than 20,000 years old and if it was created in 6 days?  They’ll most probably tell you that’s preposterous and that those stories are only fables with a different meaning.  So why does ‘god’ never point this out at any point in his holy book.  And if some are fable and some real, how are we tell the difference and know what meaning this book holds?

‘It seems to me that most people tick ‘Christian’ in the same way as they tick ‘White European’; without thinking about it.  After all if they were to ask the question ‘how far back are you asking’, we would all be ticking ‘African’ and in the case of religion ‘Pagan’.  Practicing Christianity-Lite only blurs the debate even more’…….

‘For the record; I do not believe in any god of any sort.  If he does exist, then he is one of the most twisted, perverse, cruel and vile people in history along with Adolph Hitler and Pol Pot and if I should meet with him at the gates of heaven he’d better prepare for a punch in the face’……


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