The Trial of Abu Hamza

8 Oct

I have already previously stated that I deplore any act of terrorism, whether committed by fundamentalists or governments.  I also accept that Abu Hamza has spouted vile rhetoric calling for global Jihad but this alone is not proof of any direct involvement in acts of terrorism……

Now Hamza and his four co-conspirators have been extradited to the US, I have grave concerns that this will be a show trial bases on unsound ‘evidence’ and that, under the SAMS, evidence deemed sensitive on the grounds of national security will not be available to public scrutiny.  I also have concerns that due to the press coverage and demonisation of Hamza, finding an unbiased jury will be almost impossible……

My preliminary investigations suggest Hamza was not in Yemen in 1993, where it is alleged he was involved in kidnapping……

As the US continue to take out ‘enemy combatants’ with drone strikes, absent any judicial process, the show trial of Hamza and his co-accused will be conducted on shaky grounds……

‘I do not trust terrorist organisations but neither do I trust the US government and military.  I will be watching the proceedings with a great deal of interest’


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