UK Courts Set a Dangerous Precedent in Hamza Extradition Case……

5 Oct

The Constitution & Bill of Rights……

The United States of America has long thought of itself as a beacon of democracy with a Constitution and Bill of Rights which guarantee an individual certain statutes in law.  The US Constitution was originally intended to protect the individual citizen from the power of state and, to define the separation of church and state, guaranteeing freedom from religious persecution.

Since, and indeed before the attacks of September 2001, the gradual erosion of the Constitution has been taking place more often than not under the guise of public protection from ‘terrorism’.  The Patriot Acts I & II and the Homeland Security Act have undermined many of the statutes enshrined in the Constitution, giving the Government and its agencies unprecedented powers to detain, search and seize property without the need for a Warrant.  The power to ‘spy’ on individuals has also been ‘watered down’ and, most worryingly, the absolute separation of civil policing and the military has been effectively suspended.

There are some groups who are vehemently opposed to the undermining of the Constitution such as and, the websites run by the outspoken radio host Alex Jones.  Alex is very well informed and I strongly recommend you check out some of these links to gain a better insight into the American domestic situation.

‘The Fall of the Republic’      ‘The End Game – New World Order Defined’

The UK’s Complicity and the Implications for Justice……

We are all aware of GuantanamoBay, the ‘ghost site’ that operates outside of the US boarders and abuses the human rights of the detainees with impunity.  Extended periods of solitary confinement, water-boarding, sleep deprivation and extreme interrogation techniques (including the use of dogs) are a daily occurrence and, I use the word ‘extreme’; the US authorities call it ‘enhanced’.  The US authorities admit that this takes place but deny that water-boarding is torture.  Accusations of insults against the detainee’s religion have been denied but in light of the other abuses we have no reason to believe otherwise.  We know the UK Government has been complicit in the ‘extraordinary rendition, of UK nationals from our SovereignTerritory.  The Government has taken no official position on the drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen which have killed innocent civilians alongside the ‘terrorists’ whose designation as ‘enemy combatants’ we only have the US Government’s word that they are who they say they are.

Today, the extradition of Abu Hamza and four other suspected ‘terrorists’, is setting another dangerous precedent.  Hamza may well be guilty of involvement in terrorism but can we be assured he will be treated in accordance with international laws and receive a fair trial.  The facility at which he will be held is ADX Florence and he will most likely be subject to Special Administrate Measures (SAMS).  This means he will be held in solitary confinement in an acoustically isolated cell, with no access to newspapers or the media.  He will only be allowed to communicate with his immediate family and legal team and written communications can be subject to a six month delay.  Under SAMS, limitations can be placed on the media reporting of his case.

Take a Stand……

I abhor any act of terrorism and loss of life but I also abhor acts of aggression taken by governments in the name of ‘national security, in which many hundreds of thousands of innocent lives are lost as collateral damage.  The same protagonists, Cheyney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and others, have been at the centre of US politics for the past 40 years and have an unhealthy relationship with the military industrial complex that makes billions of dollars as a result of conflict.  The policy makers, financiers and arms manufacturers form the iron triangle that is happy to business with the Saudis and dictatorships all over the world, provided they are on the ‘right’ side.  Meanwhile, they turn a blind eye to the human rights abuses of their allies and the ones committed by them in ‘the war on terror’.

I put it to you:  Who is the More Dangerous? 

A few poorly funded, disorganised, fanatical groups operating out of the dust bowls in the boarders of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen; whom, coincidentally, have committed very few acts of terrorism over the past ten years and not because they have been invaded by the might of the United States Military?


The largest, and only, multi-billion dollar military superpower in the world, acting with impunity and executing whomever it sees fit, unchallenged by the rest of the civilised world, arming other military dictatorships and in its quest in the ‘war on terror’ probably giving incentive to the very people it wants to destroy.  Were they not pursuing the ‘war on terror’, those they are fighting would return to fighting within their own local struggles for power, which although not ideal for anybody caught up in the fighting at a local level, has been happening for centuries before the CIA funded the Mujahadeen and created Al Queda in doing so.

America is the problem; not Islam……

‘Please support Reprieve in the fight for justice’


Thank you



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