Death – The Final Chapter……

2 Oct

‘Gods and religion is primitive human beings first and worst explanation for the existence of the universe…..’


It is often said that an attempted suicide is a ‘cry for help’.  One can only presume that the ‘cry for help’ is a cry for somebody to notice the distress of the protagonist and, once the cry has been heard, people will come flocking out of the woodwork to assist in repairing whatever is causing the cry.  That may be the ‘standard’ modus operandi for many suicides but not mine.


I have pleaded, begged and screamed for help from Doctors, Key Workers, friends, family and Psychiatric Services but to no avail.  Tea and sympathy is about all I have ever perceptually received but nothing constructive.  Having researched the literature relating to threats of suicide, the actions taken by the agencies involved bear no resemblance to the interventions offered.  I do not blame the staff at the sharp end of the ‘face to face’ services; they are tasked with delivering solutions based within the limitations placed on them by their superiors, regardless of what the recommendations laid out in the standard literature suggest.


Anybody who knows me well will know the logical scientific approach that I take in achieving a desired outcome.  When planning my suicide I have used the same meticulous attention to detail expected of an intelligent person.  Hanging is ruled out.  It has too many variables that could lead to failure and pain, neither of which is acceptable to me in the act of self inflicted death.  Train wrecking is too messy and requires taking the step onto the line; a difficult act to perform given that humanity’s disposition, by way of a pre-programmed inherited default is one of survival.  Electrocution is messy and holds little guarantee of success without the specialised equipment needed to induce a high voltage and high current without ‘tripping’ the circuit.


Having researched the subject of self determination in the pursuit of death, I have come to the realisation that Hypoxia is painless, undetectable and guaranteed to work provided one can be rendered unconscious for the period of time it takes to consume all of the Oxygen within the immediate surroundings, limited by a restricted space in the form of an ‘exit bag’.  This is easily achieved with the aid of Benzodiazepines, which are easily available to me, or anyone seeking to acquire them.  It works in the same way as someone who is sleeping during a house fire.  They succumb to the effects of Oxygen depletion whilst asleep and suffer no pain as their blood fails to deliver the Oxygen required to maintain the automatic functions of the heart and lungs, required to deliver the necessary gasses into the bloodstream and maintaining life.


So that is the way in which I will achieve the transition from life into death with no distress, no pain and none of the complications associated with acquiring strong Barbiturates to achieve the same effects, although in a civilised society, that option should be open to all, regardless of the reason for wishing to take  an early exit.  However, it is not and, therefore, an alternative methodology is needed.  An explanation of this methodology is available through ‘The Peaceful Pill’ by Dr. Philip Nitscke, although he in no way advocates the use of any of the methods he describes.  He is a caring Doctor whose experience of the suffering of those close to death, advocates a more ‘humane’ solution, one which we routinely offer to animals (probably because they are not able to articulate the philosophical implications of doing so) and which, ironically, we all consider the humane solution to end the animals suffering.


Any ‘God’ – Whose Existence is Inconceivably Small if we are Honest, I Have but One Message……


‘God’, if he or she exists, which is highly improbable, is a cruel, hateful figure who has caused more misery than any of the political establishments, Whether ‘Dictatorships’ or ‘Democracies’ which reign over the Earth and the individual.  When my death occurs, I cannot wait for the opportunity to tell whatever entity may or may not exist, what a deviant, sadistic, vile creation he/she has created and, if I’m doomed to spend my eternity in ‘hell’, it would be preferable to the eternal servitude which ‘God’ requires of his creations in which, theologically, they would spend it in ‘heaven’ at the complete behest of ‘God’.  Although, to me, this is a preposterous idea and, were this entity to exist, I would have an endless list of questions regarding the suffering of the ‘innocents’ that we have been lead to believe he/she cares about and who have no control over the circumstances under which they suffer.  Ultimately, the system under which the grand plan operates causes misery to hundreds of millions who have committed no offences, save an accident of birth,  to deserve the vile misery under which their all too brief lives happen.  At best, you are a sadistic entity and, were your existence real, you need to re-evaluate the foundations upon which you operate.


A Final Goodbye……


Don’t mourn my passing.  It is my choice and my relief from this godforsaken existence of which I had no choice but to be subjected.  Do not feel sad, for I am at piece in the place I have long wanted to be.  The universe will continue to throw up new questions; some will be answered, some not, but my passing will have little bearing on the eventual outcome, as has that of Newton, Planck and Einstein……



Piece is the ultimate goal and one which, at whatever point, I will ultimately achieve.  I only pity those of you who subject yourselves to the Earthly torment and inherently lonely existence you will endure until you to reach your Nirvana, probably alone, probably in pain and probably decrepit and in fear……


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