The Seductive Simplicity of Certainty……

18 Sep

As the balance shifts ever further toward taking an early exit from what is laughably called ‘a life’, I am yet again contemplating the age old philosophical question of the purpose of existence.  If I was not a confirmed atheist I could put the blame for my shortcomings firmly at the door of a divine creator.  After all, if my existence is a part of the big plan of an intelligent designer, then all of my mistakes were laid out for me to make before I was born.  If, however, my instinct and reasoning that I am here as the result of an enormous string of improbable events is correct and there is no ‘god’, then I am the result of my own bad choices and, arguably, nurturing.  In the same way that someone of religious persuasion can find a reason to rejoice at their existence, I could blindly consider my demise a part of the plan and absolve myself of any blame.  Perhaps, had I reached the conclusion that I am a part of a preordained plan; I may not have made the mistakes that lead me to be contemplating this question?  Absent a revelation, my atheism will remain but I am almost envious of those who find solace in the seductive simplicity of certainty that faith offers.  The counter balance of an early exit is the desire for an answer to this question which, were I not here, logically, I would not find.  The problem is made more complicated by the question itself which may be inherently unanswerable; looking for a purpose to purpose.  Without a purpose, and for all the philosophical reasoning brought about by consciousness, I may as well be an Amoeba whose sole reason for existing is to propagate existence; a purpose for which, by way of being born ‘defective’, is not even open to me.  All of which brings me back to the same conclusion; in the absence of certainty and with no positive return for investing in life, what is the point…..?


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