The Real ‘Axis of Evil’…….

7 Aug

Our politicians court them and take political donations from them.  Our Tax, Revenue and Customs services cut back room deals with them, allowing for the ‘avoidance’ of the payments due to our Treasury and, our Police Force allow them to launder money from the ‘Terrorists’ who, we are told, threaten our freedoms.  It would seem to most people that the UK and worldwide banks act without fear of prosecution.  Not only are they happy to do business with anybody from whom they can make a profit but, also act in the knowledge that should their corrupt practices fail, tax payer’s money ensures their continued superiority…….

The banking debacle is simply the latest manifestation of an organisation having been caught with its pants down.  It is, however, just the tip of an all pervading, corrupt iceberg that infects almost all public life like a virus.  Some would refer to its controlling elite as the New World Order.  Whether you believe in a small number of Godfather type figures controlling the world, there is little doubt that corruption runs through the veins of power.  Time and time again, with almost daily revelations, we find our leaders are in the pay of big business.  And what is the result of these criminal acts?  Nothing.  Why; because the judiciary is in equally as deep with its paymasters……

The Puppet Masters who are tasked with giving credence to the corruption are the politicians.  Directly on the payroll they control the machinery that allows the illegal practices of the NWO.  They pass the laws which make it possible whilst giving the appearance of being in control.  The recent revelations into the closeness of the press, with their almost complete domination of all forms of media and the politicians, highlights the first layer of control over the proletariat.  Disinformation, lies and misdirection form the first layer; if you do not know what is happening, you are unlikely to ask.  Misinformation, is the tool used to convince the media reliant west of the dangers which threaten our existence.  Iran is a case in point.  Iran has made no threats against any of its neighbours.  It is a sovereign state and, as such, should be allowed its own civil defence and that includes Nuclear Weapons, just like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan, not to mention the UK and US.  Unlike its neighbouring state of Israel, which has made threats against it and which is not subject to IAEA inspections and is in direct contravention of multiple UN Resolutions?  One does wonder who the ‘Axis of Evil’ really is…….

Whist the threats of war are ever present in the Middle East, the Military Industrial Complex, who have lucrative deals with governments to provided the hardware for the destruction and the resources for reconstruction, manipulate political situations for profit, they simultaneously manufacture world economics between boom and bust, a situation from which they win either way.  They hold back the Third World so they can offer a lifeline to the inhabitants, but one which will ultimately lead to the plundering of natural resources in return for a few edible grains a little clean drinking water.  They also offer western drugs to treat illnesses caused by the poverty they live in…….

The corruption is rife and those behind it get away with it because they are protected by the sycophantic circle of the law, politics, the media and above all most peoples ignorance to what’s happening under their own noses.  Not until the world is educated will the proletariat rise up against these evil men, who kill in the name of profit……


A revolution is coming.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sooner or later the revolution is coming……

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Produced by Alex Jonex


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