Boom and Busted……

17 Jul

Mostly Busted……

The daily revelations into the innermost workings of UK Limited are like a novel you can’t put down (more accurately, like a Dan Brown novel with a plot that’s about as transparent as a vacuum).  The latest insight into the Libor scandal has revealed the depth of corruption that permeates big business and Downing Street.  The Barclay’s executive, Jerry del Messier, has told a Select Committee that he was acting on ‘instructions’ from Bob Diamond after his boss had a‘conversation’ with Paul Tucker at the Bank of England.  During the aforementioned conversation Mr. Tucker advised Mr. Diamond that he was getting pressure from Whitehall to bring the Libor rates down.  I was under the impression that the Libor rates were determined by the markets but clearly must have been wearing my superhero underpants on that day, the ones with the power of extreme naivety, but anyway.  So, let’s get this straight; Whitehall call the Bank of England to express their ‘concern’ at the Libor rate, the Bank of England call Barclays and they call all their mates to ‘sort out’ the Government’s ‘concern’.  Obviously, nothing will be done about this due to the British legal system acting in direct proportion to the size of your wallet or offering effective immunity to anyone with two houses and letters after their name.  If it did, Bob Diamond, Jerry del Messier and most of Whitehall would be in prison by now.  The ‘Barclay Two’ should be prosecuted and, once found guilty, should be stripped of their assets as any ‘normal’ criminal would.  The whole charade is like some sort of organised insurance fraud where, I call the burglars to tell them I’m going on holiday then, call the insurers to check I’m covered and get the insurers to call the Police to make sure they’re ‘busy’.  If it didn’t smell so bad it would be laughable……

Olympic Pride……

Our astute Home Secretary demonstrated her grasp into the fundamental security issues of staging the Olympic Games when, having been asked how many staff G4S couldn’t deliver, answered ‘The precise number will become clear’ or, translated into English, ‘I don’t know’.  The latest statistics released are that G4S have 7,000 of the 20,000 staff they were contracted to deliver.  I’m not Carol Voderman but that would be (approximately) 13,000 short (I’ll get a pencil and check later).  If my mental arithmetic up is right and the Home Office’s figures are to, the original 15,000 military contingency will need to be boosted to 28,000.  I’m not even sure if we’ve got 28,000 troops left? (maybe I’ll ask the Home Secretary)  G4S have admitted that they did not start recruiting until earlier this year.  Some of their staff have not yet been cleared by the ‘authorities’ and during training many were not able to recognise a blade on security scans.  Meanwhile, the thoughtful forward planning designed to make sure the Athletes (and rich people) can get around London smoothly, is falling apart.  The tailbacks caused by filtering traffic into fewer lanes is blocking access to the ‘Olympic Lanes’ and the lack of direction demonstrated by some coach drivers is providing us with yet another shambles.  The American team took over 4 hours to complete a 25 mile journey which was supposed to take 2 hours.  Uninterestingly, the Marathon contenders could have run there in under 2 hours!  And finally, the Algerian team have threatened to pull out due to their opposition to sharing prayer facilities with members of non-Muslim religions, not that they had a prayer of winning any medals in the first place……


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