Startling Coincidences……

15 Jul

Coincidences happen.  They happen all the time.  But, they are usually small and insignificant like deciding to cut the lawn at the same time as your neighbours, kind of coincidence.  When multiple, huge and highly unlikely coincidences happen, that’s Government sponsored terrorism.  For the uninitiated ‘Google’ false flag (or get a decent education?)

As we all now know with almost 99.999% certainty (ad infinitum), 19 terrorist, under the instruction of Osama Bin Laden (from a cave), did not attack 3 icons of American military power and commerce and, buildings don’t, conveniently, fall down into their own footprint and disintegrate to dust (not without an immense amount of forward planning and Thermite anyway), conveniently, at precisely the same time as the US Government were carrying out an operation for that very scenario and 2 others to confuse Air Traffic Control and NORAD, whilst using 1 to send the ‘rapid response’ air force to somewhere in Alaska. Nor did 4 lads from Bradford attack 3 tube trains and a bus in London at precisely the same time the UK Government were carrying out an operation, which by a starling and massively improbably coincidence, happened in the same places at the same time (God, Douglas Adams couldn’t have envisaged that sort of improbability).  If you haven’t got the picture by now, as has happened time and time again when governments need to start wars or pass laws, from the burning of the Reichstag to Pearl Harbour, they stage an attack and blame on the ‘Bogie Man’……

So, What the Fuck has this got to do with the cutting edge, highly intelligent and well written Dripping Tap blog?  Well I’m not the only one to have noticed the enormous ‘security’ operation taking place right now for the Olympics (yawn.  Sorry, always come over all sleepy whenever someone says ‘Olympics’….  Ahh yawn. You see).  Anyway back to the plot; the announcement that the deployment of 15,000 troops, has now increased to 18,500 due to the conveniently unforeseen shortage of 3,500 staff (not like there’s mass unemployment at the moment), announced only days before the event by the, and I quote, ‘worlds largest private security company’, G4S (obviously never looked at Haliburton’s budget then)(Google it), even though they’ve had years to recruit them, is a little suspicious.  Plus, Typhoon Fighters, Airborne Sniper’s and Surface to Air Missiles, placed on top of peoples homes without their consent, which when challenged in Court, ruled that the military, under instruction from some honest politicians who have never swindled the public or taken back handers from the press and/or Lords ‘in waiting’, could go ahead and deploy (so that’s all okay then).  The exclusion zone is 30 miles wide for the Olympics and 15 for the Paralympics, although no-one is drawing distinctions between Athletes and Paralympians, inferences may be drawn.  Anyway, unlike the Americans, who have a constitutional separation of civilian policing and military policing, or did before it was removed by the Patriot Acts I & II after the false flag attacks on 9/11, the Brits are at the mercy of the state.  If I were living in or around the exclusion zone and/or had Rapier missiles on my roof, I would be asking 2 important questions; 1.  Should the military decide they have no other course of action but to shoot down an incoming aircraft; where, in a densely populated area, is it going to crash?  2.  If a well organised group of cave dwelling terrorists decided to stage an attack, at precisely the same time as the security operation was taking place, will I be safe living in a building with Troops and SAMS on my roof or will I be a target?

Don’t assume HMG or GCHQ are anymore ‘tuned in’ than they were in the past.  A quick look at history tells us the might of the British military machine was not able to stop the IRA.  In fact, our Spooks were helping them, as was Colonel Gaddaffi, the US and God knows who else, erstwhile HMG was doing good business with Lybia! (and the only way they could clean up that little mess was by giving the IRA leaders top, well paid, jobs in the ‘new’ Northern Ireland that’s precisely the same as it was when they were bombing it).  Don’t, therefore, also assume that HMG can be trusted to secure the Olympics.  Any truly independent ‘terrorist’ outfit could cause mayhem should they wish to do so.  For all they know I could be spending all my time, when I’m not rambling, crushing the radioactive bits out of smoke alarms to add to the enormous fire work I made from readily available household items to finish my dirty bomb (though to be honest if I could build a device I would pack it with human excrement and place it on that table in the middle of the House of Commons on a Wednesday morning to go off during PMQ; now that would be a dirty bomb worth watching!)  And by the way, the Yanks are bringing in their own armed security teams and transport, so clearly they don’t want to take any chances……

If you’re off to the games or unfortunate enough to live there, good luck.  I’m staying right here at Dripping Tap HQ (Which is probably about to raided by MI6.  By the time you read this I’ll have been ‘extraordinarily rendered’ to Camp X-Ray for a perfectly legally redefined form of ‘questioning’ involving water, during which the detainee, who is not subject to Habaes Corpus due to a geographical loophole, may feel that they are about to die.  But hey ho, at least it’s sunny).

 ‘Just cause you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get ya’

            ‘Joseph Heller


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