Your Right to Choose When to Die……?

10 Jul

We are all slaves to the globalist financial new world order that control almost everything we do through laws and taxes.  The right to choose to end ones life should be the individual’s choice and, even though it is no longer illegal to attempt suicide , every obstruction possible is put in the way, leaving people with limited options, most of which are distressing to the individual and those left behind……

The Peaceful Pill by Dr Nitschke & Dr Stewart

‘Exit International’, the organisation formed by the Australian  Doctor, Philip Nitschke who helped several people to die during the short period it was made legal in Australia, now gives regular lectures and has written a book, ’The Peaceful Pill’,  which offers alternative methods to end ones life in the absence of sensible, accessible options.  I will return to ’The Peaceful Pill’ shortly but first we should consider why a person should have the right to end their life if they wish to do so……

Quality of life is the only consideration that should be taken into account when one considers if they wish to live or die.  This is not necessarily related to deteriorating health; in fact it has been acted upon, most famously, by Mademoiselle Lisette Nigot, who took her own life at the age of 79.  Lisette was not depressed, she was not ill and she was not mentally unstable.  Quite the opposite is true.  She was contented with what she had done in her life and felt that she would rather go whilst she still had her health and dignity and before the certain deterioration that comes with old age.  Her story and others can be seen in the documentary ‘Mademoiselle and the Doctor’ at

‘The Peaceful Pill’ has become the definitive self help manual for those people who, for whatever reason, wish to take their own lives without causing themselves pain and, hopefully, limiting the impact and distress on others.  The book explains the methods, such as ’the exit bag’ which, when used in conjunction with Helium, causes the user to pass out due to Hypoxia and then peacefully die.  Hypoxia is reported by those who have experienced it, through high altitude decompression training, as a pleasant feeling which causes no panic through lack of oxygen.  Unfortunately, some Exit members have expressed their distress at being discovered with a bag over their head.  Because of this Dr Nitschke invented a system which mixes two readily available chemicals together to produce Carbon Monoxide, which allows the user the simple option of a ‘nose pipe’ to inhale the gas.  The effect is the same as the exit bag in that Hypoxia will occur, followed by death.  However, none of this would be necessary if we had the right to self determination and access to Barbiturates, such as Nembutal (which is still used by Vets to put down animals).  It can be obtained in some countries but presents a barrier to those who wish to buy it, either because they do not have the financial means to travel to Mexico, or because it may be confiscated by Customs and Excise Officers should you be found bringing it into most countries.  It may also carry a penalty for possession; again, another barrier to self determination.  ‘The Peaceful Pill’ can be downloaded as a PDF file at

Dr Nitschke is not the ‘Dr Death’ he has been portrayed as in the media.  He is a caring doctor whose first duty is to help sick patients and relieve their suffering with the medicines available to him.  From his own experience of suffering patients who feel they have no dignity and have expressed their wish to die, he is a proponent of euthanasia and self determination.  I am sure many other doctors feel the same but do not express that opinion for fear of retaliation from the establishment……

Even with the advice contained in ‘The Peaceful Pill’ most of the options covered hold some degree of uncertainty and barriers for those who wish to act upon the advice contained in the book, either through lack of access to materials or, because their medical conditions prevent them from acting on the advice.  For those people who are not able to act themselves raises the issue of the involvement of a third party, who may be at risk of prosecution because even though suicide is legal, if you help someone to commit suicide you could potentially face prosecution, in some cases be charged with man-slaughter.  This is not an ideal situation and again raises the issue of self determination.  If you wish to take your own life, it is you and only you who is affected, making the current status quo unhelpful, unreasonable and can prolong the suffering of very sick patients who, for obvious reasons, wish to put a dignified end to their lives.

You have no choice at being born.  You live your life under the rules, laws and regulations of the state.  You pay your taxes and live an honourable life.  Surely, the right to self determination about when to end your life is not an unreasonable proposal……?

It is my own personal experience that led me to discover ‘The Peaceful Pill’ and Dr Nitschke’s work.  The only reason I am still here to write this article is because of the limited options for those wishing to end their life.  When contemplating my own suicide I ran through my options.  Hanging, I ruled out because of the potential of failure, pain and the legacy for my family.  The same applies to the other methods such as standing in the path of a high speed train, jumping from a high building or attempting an overdose.  I still wish to end my life but until a viable option presents I will continue to suffer…….

Surely the right to self determination and access to the drugs that make it an easy, painless experience is not an unreasonable request.  We end the suffering of animals on a regular basis and consider it humane.  The same option should be made available to human beings whose suffering is often far from humane……


Take the time to watch Mademoiselle and the Doctor’ and draw your own conclusions……

I welcome comment & debate. Feel free to contact me……


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