Round and Round in Circles……

2 Jul

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a simple banking query, energy supplier, local council, health service or DWP enquiry, they are all the same.  You start with the generic 0845 number, eventually after pressing 16 different options get the customer service representative at the bottom of the food chain and then it’s never their department or responsibility, leaving you in limbo.  This would be annoying enough for any reason but when your life is placed at risk because of the ‘tick box’, compartmentalised culture it is no longer just annoying, it’s damn right dangerous…….


It is no secret that I made a huge mess of my life 20 odd years ago and ended up dependent on Opiates.  Looking back, I now believe that it was because my pleas for help were ignored that I was particularly susceptible to Opiates due to the fact that, for someone going through mental hell, they are like pressing the off switch.  Since then things have become progressively worse, the solution became the problem and I am now ill, isolated and suicidal……..


My health issues are all compounded by the ‘system’.  My Key Worker was sufficiently concerned and wrote to my GP to have me referred to Community Mental Health Services for a proper assessment.  Months past, I got worse.  When I eventually was seen by CMHS they failed to carry out a proper assessment, which they later admitted to after I complained through PALS, claimed I was well catered for by my Key Worker and discharged me.  Right back to square one.  Similarly, the Consultant Neurologist, who I saw due to the seizures I’d started having, blamed everything on drug use even thought a CT scan showed I have a large cyst in my brain……


Now, to further compound my health issues the DWP have decided that there is nothing wrong with me and are putting me through hell, trying to appeal the whole mess, which is only making my health worse.




One Response to “Round and Round in Circles……”

  1. kyrani99 July 4, 2012 at 11:13 am #

    I am amazed that you have come to my blog and read but you do not appear to have connected the dots for yourself. You say that you believe you have become dependent on opiates because your pleas for help were ignored. You are quite right that opiates are a form of self-medication as they do provide an off switch. But you don’t appreciate that for you to be experiencing “a mental hell” there are others in your life who are “messing with your mind”. This is the nuts and bolts of my blog and not about positive thinking and placebo effects at all.. like not at all.

    You are seeking help from the sharks I’m afraid. They system, which is wholly beholden to the medical industry, sees you as a source of funds and nothing else. If they were to “fix” the problem then the gusshing tap isn’t even a dripping tap no more. You have to find the solution. I can help you to learn to use mental prescriptions to get out of the hell but you got to be prepared to act for yourself, to heal yourself. We live in a world where the greedy and the toxic hurting a lot of people and most people are bamboozled by too much information and what is right and what is not right.

    It doesn’t matter a hoot that you are an atheist. That is your station at this time. However if you don’t appreciate that the mind is not the brain or made by the brains activity then I’m afraid you’re stuck. ESP is a very real phenomenon and it is being put into a very bad light by the scientific community (those that you bank on for truth). ESP within relationship IS NEVER INVESTIGATED! Why because it hides behind disease. If you can appreciate ESP then you can appreciate that the “materialism is all that there is” belief (because that is all that it is) is unfounded. Scientists pussy foot around the issue of a non-physical reality. They talk about things appearing out of nothingness, they talk about theoretical becomes physical, they talk about what’s happening “back-stage” all of which is chewing words. It was one of your tribe that said “a rose by any other name is still a rose”. theoretical, nothingness and “back-stage” are all the same – the non-physical reality. Do you want help to get out of hell? Think about it because right now you’re very negative (saying waiting for someone to help who cannot or doesn’t care). There are humane people and they are compassionate but if you are negative you cut yourself off.

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