The Latest Care Quality Commission Report……

26 Jun

To my mind there is only one thing equally as abhorrent as the abuse of children and the mentally ill in the care of local authorities, and that is the mistreatment of elderly people in the same situation. Both groups are vulnerable and often not able to defend themselves. Although, many elderly residents will have made sacrifices for our benefit during World War II.

Following the Panorama program which uncovered the abuse at the privately run Winterbourne View hospital, near Bristol, which was subsequently closed and has been bought by Glenside Manor Healthcare Services.  Nine people have admitted abuse charges and two others will face trial at Bristol Crown Court this summer.  Since the Panorama  program the CQC have carried out further investigations into the quality of care. The results are not positive and do not instil confidence in the system.

Only one in three private hospitals and care homes was providing acceptable standards of care and adequately protecting vulnerable residents from abuse. Two thirds of NHS institutions met the minimum standards. Almost half of the 145 hospitals and care homes inspected did not meet the required standards. A pretty poor result by any measure.

It is a sad reflection of our civilised society if we fail to care for the elderly, people with learning difficulties and children. But, as with so many of our services, private contracts are more often than not awarded to the lowest bidder so we shouldn’t be surprised. You get what you pay for; a situation which will only worsen over time. The staff at these institutions are usually paid the minimum wage, feel undervalued and discontented. There are however, many dedicated, hardworking and caring members of staff who deserve better working conditions and pay.

It comes as no surprise that it is the most vulnerable members of society who are suffering due to the penny pinching policies of our Government, whilst the tax avoiders continue to increase their wealth, unchallenged.

Not wanting to sound like a stuck record but, we are NOT all in this together……


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