Named and Shamed – Jimmy Carr……

22 Jun

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has given us yet another demonstration of the gulf between the reality which exists between his out of touch Government and the people of this country, who didn’t elect him. Whilst deeming it inappropriate to discuss the tax arrangement of the Jubilee’s golden boy, Gary Barlow, he is happy to castigate Jimmy Carr for precisely the same practices……

This only highlights the truth of the whole tax ‘avoidance’ issue. While the primary concern of the newly unelected coalition has been to penny pinch the pockets of the hard working people of this country and distracting the public with the farcical Leveson Enquiry, no attempt whatsoever has been made to close the loopholes which allow big multinationals from paying the taxes they owe. We even learn of backroom deals done by Goldman Sachs and others to pay only a fraction of their bills. An arrangement you or I would not have access to. If we don’t pay our taxes we will inevitably end up in court and behind bars should we refuse to comply……

The gap between the proletariat and the ruling classes and their companies has never been wider. Money buys you immunity from justice and access to the clever accountants who magic money away into offshore accounts where the UK Taxman cannot reach it. To make a special example of Jimmy Carr, when we all know the legal corruption that takes place behind closed doors, is an opportunistic media soapbox upon which the PM is under the delusion that we will all be outraged by Jimmy Carr’s mordacity at taking advantage of the same systems that rob this country of billions…….

Shame on you David Cameron and good on you Jimmy Carr……

End all Tax Avoidance now, before penny pinching from pensioners, the unemployed, sick people and honest working families……

Get Involved.  Join ’38 Degrees’ and help to end injustice……


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