No God – No Future

16 Jun

No God……

The Christian God, and all of the other countless deities that mankind has created in order to find a rational meaning for its existence, is nothing other than the remnants of a mythology born out of ignorance and demonstrates the perpetuation of mans inability to comprehend the universe and the insignificance of our place within it. Originally stemming from mythology and superstition it is used as an justification of what to our primitive ancestors, who lacked the scientific knowledge to understand it at a time when we thought that we were the centre of the known universe, and to explain the magical heavenly phenomena which appears to circulate around us. It is perfectly understandable that our ancestors reached these conclusions, after all if we are standing on a rock moving through space at 67,000 miles per hour one might expect there to be a strong wind. As our scientific knowledge increased the need for mythical entities evaporated. However, over the thousands of years we learned by incremental steps that we were not the centre of everything, the ’mystics’ gradually massaged the facts into religion and with it control over the illiterate. It took Copernicus and finally Galileo to persuade the Catholic Church that we are not at the centre of things, and not without great personal cost to themselves.

We now have a vast accumulation of knowledge about the universe in which we live and the mechanisms that control it. It is an insult to anybody with a modicum of intellect to even suggest that the complexities of our universe has had some form of ’Holy’ intervention setting the dials from which we began as if by ‘intelligent design‘. If ever there was an overwhelming body of evidence to prove the absence of a divine creator, science has provided unquestionable proof of it. Faced with incontrovertible evidence certain religious bodies have the mordacity to suggest that they accept the science but maintain that the mechanisms acting a fundamental level were designed by their divine creator in order to bring about the complexity which led to our existence. This only acts to demonstrate the arrogance of religions. Furthermore, by the manipulation of mans insecurities, all religions have seized on this to exert control over their congregations.

Having categorically proven the contradictions of the religious texts, the theocrats have moved the goal posts to accommodate their rapidly collapsing house of cards. It is only a matter of 200 years ago that the story of creation was stated as a fact. After Darwin and unquestionable geology, creation we are told, is now allegorical rather than literal. I find it almost incomprehensible that Christianity, Judaism and Islam, amongst others continue to preach their fatuous bile in the 21st century.

The Religious Indoctrination of Children……

No reasonable adult would raise their children in the manner practiced by the Catholic Church. The teaching not only extends to better lessons of sharing and giving, it is also used to frighten them into believing the eternal hell in which they will suffer the consequences should they not follow the ’lord’. This is tantamount to child abuse. A small child is programmed through evolution to obey the adults in charge, otherwise when they run out into the road or stray to close to the fire and come to harm. Religion uses the same tricks with which to program their kids. It is during this indoctrination that children are first programmed with the hatred toward others who hold a different belief to their own. It is this that later causes the disputes in which so many have died in the name of their factious ‘gods‘.

The Ultimate Disappointment……

In the end we are all the same. By a truly remarkable set of circumstances we have come to exist in the first place. The size and time scales upon which the universe operates we are about a insignificant as it is possible to be. We are fleeting entities, able to reproduce but, certain to die. Death is the end. There is no resurrection, no rebirth, no-one to answer to and no second chances. To me, the end is the easy part. It is the piece in the middle which is hard. Made harder by the baggage bequeathed to us by the elders, a bar set so high in most cases it is impossible to reach. Being dead is like not being born. Did you spend an eternity worrying about not being born? In the same way you will not spend an eternity worrying about being dead. The main concern to most is crossing the line between the two. The imagination of a painful death or the prospect of deteriorating on the journey causes our anxiety.

The prospect of being dead holds no fear for me. It is only the prospect of crossing the line between the two which holds a certain trepidation. A transition which can be controlled and painless.

Religion is the single biggest cause of war, insecurity and hatred and in my ideal world, confined to the archaic dustbin where it belongs.

Roll on piece and tranquillity without anguish……


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