The Very, Very Last, Final, Final Warning……

29 May

After months of violent assaults against the people of Syria by the Assad regime, the spineless governments of the ‘developed’ western nations have said enough is enough and expelled Syrian diplomats after what has been described as a ‘tipping point’ by Kofi Annan……

So, what happens now?  If the situation continues to deteriorate and there is nothing to suggest it won’t, the practical solution would be an agreement between the UN and Arab League to take decisive action.  I am fundamentally anti-war but the failure of governments to implement any sanctions that directly affects Assad’s ability to continue unhindered has left limited options.  Some form of military intervention seems inevitable……

For the Syrian people and the Armed Forces the situation could not be worse.  For the military industrial complex who profit from war regardless of who wins, who looses, who lives and who dies, the situation is ideal.  The well established links between factions inside government and those whom profit from war lead me wonder if Syria hasn’t been ‘manufactured’.  An all out ground assault and the subsequent occupation would be far more lucrative than simply offering limited air support to internal opposition.  An occupying presence may also provokeIraninto the conflict in support of Assad’s regime, providing the ‘perfect storm’ for the money making war machine and the involvement of Israel……

You may think that these are the paranoid ramblings of a mad man but, the stalemate in Afghanistan is providing little profit, no strategic advantage and no natural resources to exploit. Syria could be the trigger that the new world order needs to further their plans.  The Olympic ‘terrorist’ strike, intended to galvanise opinion and cement the Plan for a New American Century may not be needed due to the convenient timing and opportunity Syria presents……

Only time will tell……



One Response to “The Very, Very Last, Final, Final Warning……”

  1. Noeleen May 30, 2012 at 3:06 am #

    These areas of the world are horror. It is just horrific that people won’t just bloody live & love & let be our differences (as long as they’re not insane differences such as what Muslim women have to suffer – I do say from my limited knowledge).

    It’s way sad, the human race, WAY sad. If there is a God, I can just imagine him wanting to shake us all off the Earth and start again. We’re just too stupid.

    But thanks for the update – I’d heard about the diplomats being ousted. I’m so far away from it all, but I can easily imagine the terror in the hearts of those in the middle.


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