The X-Factor……

28 May

X is for Expenses.  C is for Corruption……


Life Peer, Baroness Warsi, who regularly appears on Question Time spouting holier than thou bullshit on whatever subject happens to win her the popularity contest, has, unsurprisingly, fallen foul of the bloated expenses claims that are still a part of our corrupt, self serving governing elite……


Warsi was given her life peerage to satisfy the appearance of politically correctness as a Muslim woman.  She was then drafted into party politics as the co-chair of the Conservative Party.  Warsi owns a flat in Northwest London which she rents out.  Although she did declare it to the Cabinet Office and the Tax Man, she failed to declare it in the register of Lords interests.  More problematic is the £165.50 per night that Baroness Warsi claimed for overnight stays whilst on Lords business.  Both Warsi and the resident of the house in Acton, in which she stayed, claim that the money allegedly paid was appropriate.  However, the owner of the property, Dr. Wafik Moustafa says that Warsi was a guest and did not pay.  So, somebody’s lying……


Regardless of who you believe (and let’s face it, you can’t believe any of them), there is the issue of the size of these grace and favour payments for doing what is an already handsomely paid job.  You can book a 4 star hotel in Westminster for as little as £65 per night saving the tax payer £100 per day, which is more than 6.5 million unemployed people are currently supposed to live on for a week.  Plus, if you’re job requires you to work in London and you already own property there, why should we pay for you stay in luxurious accommodation while you make yet more money from your property?…..


The scandal of expenses has not gone away; it has simply been lost in whatever the latest crisis happens to be.  The corruption continues across all parties as does the tax avoidance of their paymasters.  We live in a democracy in name only.  In reality we live in a dictatorship run by an elite new world order and we are certainly not ‘all in this together’.  Scum……


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