London 2012 Welcomes Oppressive Regimes……

27 May

The UK Government has announced that officials from countries with questionable human rights records will not be allowed to attend the 2012 Olympic Games.  However, they have not specified which countries or officials they are referring to.  In an interview today Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, avoided a direct question about the General who is in charge of the Syrian team, diverting the attention to the International Olympic Committee to decide.  This is yet another demonstration of the hollow sound bites used to make our Government appear opposed to human rights violations when in reality it takes no definitive action against the countries involved and is arguably involved itself (see: Extraordinary Rendition)……


BAE Systems announced this week a lucrative contract to supply Saudi Arabia with Hawk training jets, only weeks after the Saudi Royal dictatorship reaffirmed its continued military support forBahrain, where 1500 Saudi troops are reportedly deployed.  As Bahrain is not at war with any other country, for what purpose does it need the Saudi forces other than to quash any political decent?  The US Government also confirmed that it had released a shipment of arms to Bahrain but added that the shipment did not contain equipment for use in crowd control……


The Corporate Scams, corrupt deals, participation of oppressive countries and a waste of tax payer’s money, does not make me proud to be British and I will not be supporting London 2012.  It is unfortunate for the athletes taking part that they are the public face of the corruption and it would be great if they all got together and refused to take part……




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