Dining with Despots……

19 May

The ‘Monarch’s Lunch’ being held at Windsor Castle to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee has a guest list Joseph Stalin would have been proud of (and probably included in, were he still alive).  Amongst the ‘nobility’ attending are members from the royal families of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, alongside the autocratic ruler of Swaziland, all of which have a questionable record of human rights abuses carried out against their subjects……

I’m fairly sure the guest list was not drawn up by HRH Frau Windsor and Kyrios Philip of Greece but is the handy work of the inept Foreign Office Ministers, Alistair Burt MP and Jeremy Browne MP, in yet another demonstration of their complete detachment from the views of British citizens.  It would not surprise me if they invited Sir Robert Mugabe and Kim Jong-un to the party.  I have to give credit to Queen Sofia of Spain for her boycott of the proceedings as a protest against the ongoing occupation of Gibraltar……

I quite like the Queen and you’ve got to give credit to Philip for his legendary one liners, even if the irony’s lost on him.  However, events like the ‘Monarch’s Lunch’ are perfect demonstration of how out of touch the political elite are.  Whilst they continue to preach the austerity doctrine and pontificate that ‘we are all in this together’, they spend incomprehensible amounts of money on unnecessary lunches to celebrate the monarchs long reign.  I am fundamentally a republican but I can see the attraction of the royal family to tourists but the Queen is the richest woman in the world and is more than able to pay for her own dinner.  She is also more than capable of meeting the costs of running her palace(s).  I mean, how many palaces does one person need?…..

I note that the corporate face of the £17 billion Olympics is in the news again as the sponsors desperately try to dispose of the remaining tickets they bought at the astronomical price of £4+ thousand.  Seb Coe continues to dodge questions regarding the allocation by repeating ’75 percent went to the public’.  Maybe the overall allocation is 75 percent but that is not per event.  I think you will find that 75 percent of the most sought after tickets, for events like the opening ceremony and 100 metres final, have gone to the corporate sponsors, IOC bigwigs and visiting dignitaries.  As for the legacy, we will have to wait and see but I do not see how having a few huge stadiums, a swimming pool and a velodrome in the East End of London is going to benefit the rest of the country……

Not that I want to keep repeating myself  but clearly, we are not ‘all in this together’……


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