Whatever Happened to……

18 May

Gillian Merron, the former Labour MP for Lincoln, who went strangely quite after her humiliating defeat at the last general election when she was replaced by the rude right wing Tory fascist, Karl McCartney MP (see previous entries).  However, thanks to a Dripping Tap reader I have been able to locate Mrs. Merron……


It would appear that Gillian has traded the daily political challenges of opening super markets for the front line of the public transport campaign.  As the chair-person of ‘Bus Users UK’, Gillian is a ‘campaigning consumer voice that speaks out, and defends and extends the rights and interests of bus users. [her] commitment to and interest in bus services stems from [her] deep held belief that “it’s all about people” and [she] will ensure Bus Users UK has that at its core’.  I wonder, when the last time Gillian actually used a bus was?…..


I doubt that Gillian is acting out of a selfless conviction to help those of us who have to use public transport and there is a substantial remuneration package, along with expenses for her new found interest.  After all, she did claim nearly £1 million in expenses over a 9 year period when she was a Member of Parliament.  This included stamps and, of course, the daily newspapers. 


Gillian Believes in Transparency and Honesty as she was quick to point out when found to have claimed approximately £11,000.00 for expenses to which she was not entitled (as the result of an ‘administrative error).  I did attempt to contact Gillian after her defeat but to no avail.  All of her email addresses no longer worked.  I had just one question for her, which was; “Now that you no longer work inWestminster, will you be selling the Tax Payer funded house that we own inLondon and reimbursing the public purse?”  A question which I still have not yet had an answer to.  If, as I suspect, the answer is no, I am interested to find out if Gillian is based in London and operates from the Tax Payer funded property in her new found position as spokes person for omnibus users.  If she does, it will be the final proof in my view that the corrupt elite continue to profit from the state even after they no longer work for it……


The Honourable Thing to Do would be to pay back the money you owe and practice what you preach……


The hunt for Gillian Merron goes on.  If you have any information about Gillian or any other Member of Parliament with a questionable history, please don’t hesitate to let me know at The Dripping Tap……


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