Stupid Men in Shirts – Vol I……

12 Apr

If they Worked for any Corporation they’d have been sacked for gross incompetence by now.  Who?  The stupid men in shirts who run UK Plc.  They stumble from one blunder to the next making outlandish statements, creating incompetent policies and demonstrating their complete detachment from the real world in which the rest of us live…..

What Kind of Idiot Lives in a House Like This?

Let’s Look at the Evidence……


45 year old Etonian twit, Dave, had already racked up some stonkers before we didn’t elect him (only 36.1% of the 65.1% of the electorate, who expressed a preference, voted Tory, which by my reckoning is approximately 1 in 5 of the population; hardly a big thumbs up for the Tories).  In his glossy manifesto, which was imaginatively titled “Invitation to Join the Government of Britain, words which he would later choke on when he had to ask Nicholas Cleggnut for a helping hand to the finish line, the first porkie he told us is that he would “Empower the Bank of England to crack down on risky bonus arrangements”.  This was clearly, what’s the word I’m looking for?  BULLSHIT, as would later be proven in 2011 when RBS wankers paid themselves a tasty £950 million quid for loosing another £1.1 billion of our money.  Meanwhile, the total wanker’s bonuses added up to a stonking £14 billion.  [If you did “vote Dave”, at the last election, please feel free to fuck off now and read somebody else’s blog. Ed]……

“We’re All in this Together”……

Actually Dave, we’re not.  I live in a cold, mouldy bed-sit on £67 a week, have to eat Smartprice beans on toast and have not been on holiday anywhere that you don’t have to swim with your own shit for the last 3 years.  YOU, are a posh, privately educated, overpaid lying Tory knobhead, who gets to fuck off on jollies around the world and eat banquets with whichever dictator happens to be on your ass kissing list at the time.  And you have the mordacity stand in your pulpit spouting your Big Society crap while the rest of us suffer.  WE ARE NOT “ALL IN THIS TOGETHER”, SHIT4BRAINS……

Tune in for the next instalment of Stupid Men in Shirts when we’ll take a look into the privileged life of the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the seaming endless blunders he makes [cunt. Ed]……


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