Word Play – A Deadly Game……

11 Apr

The Definition of Words can have numerous meanings.  Panel, for example, can be a committee of individuals; it can be a surface containing switches or, an area of decorative relief.  To further complicate matters, arranging nouns, verbs and adjectives into sentences can infer other meanings to individual words.  Here’s an example; Enemy Combatant.  Let’s start with enemy, that one’s pretty simple.  My dictionary says “hostile person or nation – opponent”.  Then we have combatant.  That one seems pretty straight forward as well.  My dictionary says “one who is involved in a fight or struggle”.  Taken together it would appear that an enemy combatant is a hostile person or nation, involved in a fight or struggle.  Unfortunately, when you add a few more words into the equation it becomes even more complicated.  In the case of enemy combatant, with the addition of a few extra words, it has become subject to a wholly different interpretation, especially if you happen to be the government of the United States of America.  In their dictionary an Enemy Combatant is just about anybody it chooses.  This is because of yet another definition, which is; the Theatre of War.  Upon Initial inspection you would not be stupid to assume the Theatre of War referred to is the battlefield.  However, in the eyes of the US Government the Theatre of War is anywhere they decide it is.  So, to sum up; an Enemy Combatant in the Theatre of War is; anybody, anywhere [as defined by the US Government].  This definition is particularly useful should you wish to execute foreign nationals in a sovereign territory with who you are not, at war.

Apart from the obvious implications for human rights why does this word play matter?  As the people of Syria face daily assaults perpetrated by the Assad regime, the rest of the world stands by and watches as the deadlines for compliance for a ceasefire come and go.  Assad has a trick up his sleeve with which to justify the continuing violence.  Every representative of the Syrian Government has the same response when challenged, which is that they will adhere to the ceasefire once they have dealt with the Enemy Combatants, which they call “armed terrorist groups”.  It would seem that the Americans don’t have a monopoly on dictionary definitions or there application.


Herein Lies the Dangerous Precedent that the self appointed leader of the free world is setting as it manipulates language along side politics to suit its own agenda.  All talk of Assad and his minions facing prosecution for their crimes is just that; talk.  Assad is a sad reflection of the west with albeit different goals but achieving them with the same level of morality.  Meanwhile, we stand by and take no action.  Not because there is any evidence of foul play by internal “terrorist groups” but because the balance of interests is tilted toward the new paymasters of the American and European governments, predominantly China and Russia.

On 11 September 2001 the rules of the game changed, or to be more accurate, were fast tracked.  There is now a definable New World Order controlling everything from the flow of oil to supply of money.  It has no borders and considers the world to be its’ commonwealth.  It is not answerable to any electorate, representative or court and has no respect for the fundamental principals of law.  Habeas Corpus, the most basic of legal principals has been rendered effectively redundant.  “You have the body” has become “WE have the body” and the opportunity to face a jury of your peers to decide who keeps it is non-existent.  Hundreds of people are, at this very moment, languishing in prisons without any charges having been made against them.  Many are guilty of nothing more than thought crimes and, with unilateral complicity in extraordinary renditions, are offered no protection from the New World Order by their sovereign nations.

It is easy to sit in judgement of the actions of dictators in far away eastern countries.  However, they bare a startling resemblance to the New World Order in their desire for complete control over the population and seemingly endless lust for money to fund their decadent lifestyles.  The only difference is in their PR……

The fight has only just started……


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