Government Stupidity and Terrorism……

7 Apr

Western Governments are fundamentally to blame for most acts of terrorism carried out against them, if not the architects of them.  If they weren’t up to their necks in politics of Middle Eastern countries and completely reliant upon the flow of the oil they provide, they wouldn’t give a toss.  A quick Google search for ‘non-democratic countries’ returns an answer of 139, most of which you’ve probably never heard of.  The attitude of Western Governments toward these countries varies according to several factors.  For example; North Korea and Iran are portrayed as the ‘baddies’ whilst Saudi Arabia, which operates an equally oppressive and non-democratic regime and is fully tooled up with all the latest military hardware courtesy of the west, is not subject to UN sanctions and is welcomed with open arms in the US and UK where its rulers are given the ‘red carpet’ treatment and meet frequently with the PM and Mr. President.

  Another shining example of western hypocrisy is the American’s relationship with Communist China.  Once upon time, not so long ago, China was portrayed as a dangerous country with a nuclear capability and a list of human rights violations even Stalin would have been hard pressed to beat.  Nothing has changed with regard to the politics, arms or human rights abuses carried out by China, only now they are the biggest foreign lender to the US government.  Many other inimical positions exist in the west’s relationship with Middle Eastern countries.  We were happy to supply Sadam Hussein with military hardware, including biological weapons, during the Iran/Iraq war which we would later use as an excuse to invade.  Similarly, the US provided the Mujahideen with arms and CIA training when they were fighting the Russians in Afghanistan.

All of this warmongering and double dealing was primarily linked to paranoia and oil.  However, it wasn’t long before the Neo-Conservatives pulling the strings in the corridors of power found another practical upshot of the instability in the Middle East.  Wars cost money, lots of money and the reconstruction of countries destroyed by wars also costs money, lots of money.  And who pays for all of this destruction and rebuilding?  You do.  The privately owned banks with charitable public sounding names like ‘The World Bank’, ‘The Federal Reserve’ and ‘The International Monetary Fund’ simply print off some money at no cost to themselves, lend it to our governments to fight their wars with and then you and I pay it back, with interest.  And who owns the corporations that make the military hardware and are awarded the contracts to rebuild?  Why if it isn’t the same people who decided to start the wars in the first place.  (See: Haliburton and The Caryle Group etc, who have familiar names on the board of directors like Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheyney and Wolfowitz).

The Erosion of Freedom is a topic I have covered before but to reiterate a few basic points of interest.  The American Government is still holding 171 detainees at Guantanamo Bay.  They have had little, if any, access to lawyers.  They have not been presented with any evidence of the crimes they are accused of.  They have, by internationally agreed standards and the US’s confirmation, been subjected to torture and degrading inhumane treatment.  The British Government has been complicit in the ‘extraordinary rendition’ of UK citizens to Gitmo without any judicial process.  In the latest development Mohamed Atta, ‘the lead 9/11 hijacker’ and 5 other detainees are to face trial by a military court and could face the death penalty if found guilty.

The United States has carried out the extra-judicial execution of numerous citizens using ‘drones’ on other countries sovereign territory.  These people have been labelled as ‘enemy combatants’ in ‘the theatre of war’ which it seems is anywhere the US says it is.  Again, there has not been any judicial process to establish that any of the victims were in fact ‘enemy combatants’ and, as for other occupants of the houses or vehicles targeted, these fall under the heading of ‘collateral damage’.

The Patriot Acts I & II and the Homeland Security act has effectively destroyed the American Constitution and Bill of Rights and given hitherto unprecedented powers to the state to act as it sees fit.  For example; the authorities no longer require a warrant to carry out searches and seizures of property or to carry out invasive covert monitoring of citizen’s communications, this includes bugging peoples’ homes.  The original intention of the Constitution was to protect US citizens from oppressive governments, not the other way around.

Meanwhile in the United Kingdom the Government has announced new measures to monitor all communications in real time.  This, we are told, is not to monitor the content but to keep a record of the act of communicating.  How precisely this will work in practice is as yet undecided and what benefit this will have in protecting us from terrorism is unclear.  We already have perfectly adequate legislation to deal with any unlawful activity but the paranoia of our Government is boundless.

Hypothetically, Suppose Myself & a Group of People Decided to Carry Out an Act of Terror?  Firstly, I/we would be stupid if we openly discussed our cunning plans by email or on Facebook.  I/we could easily set up multiple email accounts using a pre arranged incremental address and false information and only send and collect our messages from a publicly accessible hotspot using each account only once.  Secondly, I/we could purchase multiple pay as you go mobile phones which could again be disposed of after each call.  If our emails were encrypted with 2040bit PGP code they would be almost un-readable even if they were found.  My point is basically this; any half-wit could easily evade detection unless they were already being followed by the security services, making the monitoring of 70 million people as a standard procedure completely disproportionate to the problem they face, one which was created by them in the first place.

The Question is: Just how much invasion of privacy are we prepared to put up with and will we accept the erosion of our basic civil liberties when there are already mechanisms in place to deal with the problem?


3 Responses to “Government Stupidity and Terrorism……”

  1. Cripus M. Shaki April 7, 2012 at 7:58 pm #

    Brilliant article well thought out and you have got the facts. Now why can’t I read this on my local newspaper?, I don’t care at the cost of sounding paranoid it is a conspiracy for resources.

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes April 7, 2012 at 10:40 pm #

    You’re so right how we’ve changed about China, you know, so right. Their human rights abuses are the same though, whether we take notice or not. I personally would find it massively difficult to deal with the Chinese in a business sense as they seem to be so about saving face there is no place for integrity. Wow, hope that isn’t racist, but it’s how I feel.

    139 countries of tragic human values – undervaluing female human beings, most of all. Extraordinary. I would never have thought to google that, but it’s extremely tragic to discover. How, how the fuck can we change as human beings country upon country until we have heaven on earth? Is that never?

    Another interesting post. In the sad but true category.

    • Steve Walker April 12, 2012 at 9:16 pm #

      Hiya, you’re right to point out that it is women who are often at the sharp end of oppressive regimes. Thanks for highliting my omission. It isn’t racist to oppose the Chineese government, I’m sure most of the Chineese people feel the same… Sx

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