‘Political’ Donations/Bribery……

27 Mar

However you choose to spin it political ‘donations’ or ‘cash for access’ is yet another blatant example of the way in which our ‘democracy’ operates.  Money buys you influence and influence buys you money…….

I see little, if any, difference between buying a cosy dinner party at number 10 Downing Street and Mafia pay-offs to high level officials to turn a blind eye to corruption.  The results are the identical and the methodology the same……

Britain and its allies undertake military action against states whose actions they have decided are corrupt, unacceptable and pose a threat to our security, whilst indulging in behaviour not unlike those they accuse.  You would have to be an idiot not to realise that the threat of terrorism from Afghanistan is, and always was, nonexistent.  If any threat does in reality exist, the prime candidate would be Pakistan, which is where, coincidentally, nearly all of the extra-judicial executions have been carried out by our ‘special’ friends, the United States of America……

Our political system is a farce.  38 percent of Tory MPs went to private schools and are firmly entrenched in the ‘old boy’ network where money talks.  They are all clinging on to a political system that operates for the good of its own and to hell with the rest of us.  And the amazing reality is that the British public sit back and apathetically allow them to carry on regardless.  What we need is a nationwide uprising equivalent to the Arab Spring, where we say “enough is enough” and fight their foot soldiers in the streets until something changes…… 

Conservative Treasurer, Peter Cruddas was caught out in an undercover sting by a national newspaper openly selling access to the Prime Minister and the intrinsic influence on policy.  This slime-ball was one of the top Tory foot soldiers and in a pathetic attempt to distance himself from Cruddas, David Cameron played the ‘rogue operator’ card.  Peter Cruddas has tendered his resignation and that appears to have drawn a line under the affair.  Where is the Police investigation into corruption and bribery?  It is, as with all other political criminal corruption, swept under the carpet, with Cameron suddenly offering details of other ‘meetings’ which could cause sceptical analysis and further damage to his dictatorship……

This is just one more crime against the people of this country for which nobody will be held to account.  Added to the list of illegal invasions, torture, corruption, profiteering and racketeering, is there any wonder why fundamentalists target the UK political establishment.  I am not proud of our heritage, our system of justice, our monarchy or our political process and good luck to anyone who tries to bring it down…….

The desire to be a politician should automatically disallow you from becoming one.  This is a shame for the 0.5% of Dennis Skinners and Ron Pauls (USA), who stand for decency and fairness in a democracy……


2 Responses to “‘Political’ Donations/Bribery……”

  1. chloemarcs March 27, 2012 at 8:32 am #

    These are good political sentiments. If the government has heart for its People, they will prioritize the people’s grievances. Corruption is malignant for new and old system. Leaders should set aside their self interests and work for the people.We also publish a similar post, please check it out.

    • Steve Walker March 27, 2012 at 10:46 pm #

      Yeh, we’re singing from the same sheet. What’s the answer tho? The Marxist ideal works well in theory but there’s an inevitable power structure that forms around it and you end up back where you started. My solution is a bit like jury service; each person does a 6 month stint at a fixed wage and hands the torch to the next. That way an individual doesn’t have the ongoing power that comes with political connections. Can’t think of any other ways around it? Still, gives me something to rant about. Have you checked out the letter I posted from my MP (4th March). Disgraceful excuse for a human being. Definitely should not be in a position of power……


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