Ron Paul – Voting Irregularities……

16 Mar

The United States voting system is, not unlike our own, somewhat of a mystery to most of us.  However, what is abundantly clear is that is not impervious to corruption.  The irregularities in the Florida vote is responsible for placing George W. Bush in the White House and we all know where that would ultimately lead……

Maine Returns Mitt Romney as the Winner……

This is not entirely accurate when the anomalies are taken into account.  The records show that Kennebec, Waterloo returned a total of zero votes. Washington County’s pole was postponed due to predicted bad weather.  A call made by a Mitt Romney supporter.  The adverse weather conditions did not materialise but the results were still ‘counted’.  18 Towns had a public meeting to announce the results but the returning officer was instructed not to read out the numbers.  Matt McDonald ignored this instruction and announced that Ron Paul’s total was 8, Rick Santorum – 7, Mitt Romney – 5 and ‘others’ – 2.  When this was reported by the central Republican office, they had Mitt Romney – 9, Santorum – 5 and Ron Paul 2.

Waterville, Maine……

The Waterville results were reported as follows:

Romney – 2,190 – 39%

Paul – 1,996 – 36%

Santorum – 989 – 18%

Gingrich – 349 – 6%

The difference between the winners being 194 votes any irregularities are crucial.  It also transpired that all of the votes cast were transferred to computer by a Mitt Romney supporter……

It is abundantly clear that someone has an agenda to avoid Ron Paul being chosen as the Republican candidate for the Presidency at any cost and that underhanded tactics are at play……

Ron Paul has a distinguished record as a Senator and is one of the few people who stand for the upholding of the Constitution and everything it stands for in the protection of the freedoms of the American people.  The ‘Continuation of Government’ under which the US has been operated for the past 10 or more years has systematically removed these freedoms in the name of security and almost always by stealth.  Ron Paul has opposed all of these actions and is one of the few people fit to be the next President……

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One Response to “Ron Paul – Voting Irregularities……”

  1. watchman on the wall March 22, 2012 at 9:28 pm #

    I cannot believe that Americans are so easily fooled by the rigged elections of the RNC.
    They have the nerve to say “the people” are determining the outome; what a joke.
    You are being led down the garden path. Why do you put up with this??? That is the question…why?

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