Mordechai Vanunu – A Forgotten Hero……

9 Mar

Mordechai Vanunu worked at the secretive Dimona reactor and had inside knowledge of the enrichment program to produce weapons grade Uranium for the building of Nuclear Devices for the Israeli Government.  He was a man of conscience and in 1986 defected toLondon to present evidence to a Sunday Times journalist.  Whist there he befriended a woman who was probably a Mossad agent, who lured him to Italy, where on 30 September 1986 he was drugged, bound and returned to Israel.

Shortly after a trial was held behind closed doors and Vanunu was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment and held in solitary confinement where he was kept in a cell with no windows and little contact with the outside world.

President John F. Kennedy summoned Ben Gurion to the White House and demanded an inspection of the Israeli facilities, which had been operating under the guise of a Textile Mill.  When inspectors visited the site they were shown a ground level control room.  Little did they know that the six underground levels where the enrichment was taking place where bricked up and plastered over effectively hood-winking the inspectors?  After the assignation of President Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and all subsequent leaders of the United States agreed a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy towards Israel and to this day it is one of the only countries ‘exempt’ from IAEA inspections, this is known as ‘Nuclear Ambiguity”.  It is believed they have between 100 and 200 nuclear warheads with delivery systems as well as chemical and biological weapons.

Satellite photographs of the Israeli sites taken at a resolution of 1 meter are altered by the U.S. Government to a resolution of 2 meters, an arrangement that only applies to the Israeli’s.

In 1996 journalist were invited to visit a ‘radioactive hotspot’ with the restriction that only the Israeli official was allowed to take monitoring equipment.  It later turned out that workers at the plant had been instructed to clear the site of contamination and back fill the crater with fresh soil and plant trees to add to the deception.  The men who spoke out about this incident were later approached the Israeli Secret Services and ‘silenced’ for fear of what would happen to their families.

Further confirmation of illicit activities carried out by Israeli officials came when an aircraft crashed in Amsterdam.  It was discovered after a six year investigation that the flight had onboard chemicals essential for the production of Sarrin nerve gas.  Belgium officials pressed for prosecutions in the Hague after the Israeli’s used a new form of nerve gas on civilians during the attacks on Lebanon is 1982.  They refused to say what the gas was or provide an antidote and 180 civilians suffered horrendous seizures.

Washington still continue to give 3 billion dollars in aid to Israel which is unlikely to reach its citizens and continues to exempt Israel from any inspections of its military facilities.

Much of this detail may never have been known where it not for the conscience of one man; Mordechai Vanunu.

In the current political climate Israel makes no secret of its concerns over the Iranian nuclear program.  It maintains it has the right to posses a nuclear capability to ‘defend’ itself.  As a sovereign state Iran has the same right especially as its neighbours operate without the intervention of the same bodies it expectsIranto cooperate with.  This double standard cannot be allowed to continue.  We all have legitimate concerns with regard to Iran’s nuclear program but one cannot blame them as their neighbours are perceived as a threat in light of the secrecy surrounding it military arsenal.

The Israeli’s have abused their position in the Middle East aided by the Americans.  They are in breach of several U.N. resolutions with regard to their continued occupation and incraochment into Palestinian land and have effectively circumvented the ‘Rules of Engagement’ which apply to all other U.N. Security Council members.  They are a pawn in the game being carried out by the New World Order operating behind the scenes in Washington……

This whole situation is abhorrent in light of the  Holocaust and the formation of a new peiceful homeland in its wake……

Hypocrisy in ation……


One Response to “Mordechai Vanunu – A Forgotten Hero……”

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes March 10, 2012 at 12:09 am #

    This was an amazing read, & truly news to me. Some lives… my God, knows I would detest imprisonment – as anyone would, but somehow they survive it. I am amazed how some people dedicate their lives: THEIR LIVES.

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