My Beautiful Sister……

2 Feb

On 26th January 2012 my beautiful sister lost her battle with cancer and passed away peacefully with her family at her side.  We will all miss her very much, especially her daughter, Holly.

Four years ago, shortly after her cancer was diagnosed, Holly’s Dad died suddenly.  Lindsay continued to be strong for Holly whilst bravely going through the pain of chemotherapy and grieving the loss of Holly’s Dad.  She never complained and once she had recovered from the treatment and surgery, Lindsay went back to work.

She looked great and all of the follow up tests were negative.  Our lives were back to normal until we lost our Dad in February 2009.  Lindsay was very close to Dad and his death hit her especially hard and she was devastated.

In June last year Lindsay developed Lymphedema.  Her doctors told her that this was not unusual after having breast cancer but it continued to get worse.  Finally, she got the diagnosis that we all dreaded; the cancer had returned.  It was particularly aggressive and, although chemotherapy would slow the progression, they could not stop the cancer from reaching its inevitable conclusion.

Lindsay fought bravely until the end.  She spent her last Christmas with us and was happy that Holly had a good time.

My sister was a beautiful, caring and loving mum.  We will all miss her and losing her has left a big hole in our lives.  Eventually we will be able to see through the tears and remember the joy she brought into our lives.  We will remember the happy times and the love and affection she brought us…….

Dedicated with love to Lindsay:  1967 – 2012.

We cannot thank enough the MacMillan, Marie Curie and NHS staff who looked after us all throughout this traumatic ordeal.  Their care and dedication to their work goes mostly unnoticed until you need them.  Thank you all……

Finally, the person who put it on Facebook the next day, before we had even had a chance to tell our relatives and friends, you are a low life scum.  You know who you are and don’t bother coming to the funeral because you are likely to get knocked out……


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