Tony Blair is a War Criminal……

16 Dec

Why is it that the surviving Libyan leaders have been sent to the courts inthe Hagueto face charges for the crimes committed under their watch and Tony Blair remains a free man?

Forget the debate over the invasion ofIraq, the ‘extraordinary renditions’ which took place under Mr Blair’s watch are irrefutable criminal acts.  We have a judicial process to extradite criminals for trial countries whom are signed up to the agreed standards for the treatment of those sent for trial.  The ‘extraordinary renditions’ operated outside of the law. 

Denial is not a defence.  Any aircraft entering British airspace will be identified by either civilian radar, military radar, or both.  Their landing and registration number will have been logged.  The idea that a black, unmarked aircraft can land and take off from British soil without the highest authority being aware is simply implausible.  This happened whilst Tony Blair was the Prime Minister and, therefore, the Commander in Chief of the armed forces and as such the ultimate responsibility rests with him.

Tony Blair allowed British citizens to be effectively kidnapped without any judicial process and flown to other countries where they were tortured, on to Camp Delta in Cuba where they were not told what they were accused of, had no access to legal advice and limited access to human rights organisations.  This is against all British law, European Human Rights law and international law.  It is also in breach of the conventions put in place after the atrocities of World War II.

Indict Tony Blair with crimes against the state, war crimes and human rights crimes.  As with the American Government, they have elected themselves judge, jury and executioner with no legal right to do so.

It stinks and it has to stop.  Not since Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich have ‘world leaders’ acted with such blatant disregard for justice.  It seems we pick and choose which dictators we do business with and which ones we attack for committing the very crimes our Governments commit themselves. 

Only today our best friends the Saudis publicly beheaded a woman for witchcraft……



And Finally……

If Mr Blair wishes to take me to court for liable; feel free……


One Response to “Tony Blair is a War Criminal……”

  1. A Dripping Tap December 18, 2011 at 5:52 pm #

    CORRECTION: The US base in Cuba is called Camp X-ray and not Camp Delta as specified in the article…… Sorry. (Ed)

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