Telephone Calls from the 9/11 Flights……

12 Dec

Background Info……

During the 9/11 hijacks multiple calls were placed to family members from the planes.  There are many anomalies in the conversations which you can Google to read fully but here are just a couple:

  • Upon answering the call a son says to his mother “Hi Mum it’s John Smith”.  When was the last time you called you mum and used your fore and surname?
  • Another caller said “we’ve been hijacked.  You do believe me don’t you?”

There are many other strange quotes that do not seem like the kind of things you would be telling your loved ones when in a hijack situation.

Language aside, there are several other technical reasons that cast doubt on the validity of these calls.  Next I’ll try to explain in basic terms and try to simplify the techie parts……


Making mobile telephone calls from an aircraft is a very difficult feat to achieve.  Some airlines have now retrofitted their fleet with specialised equipment to allow calls to be placed.  None of the hijacked planes on 9/11 had this technology.

The first problem is to do with altitude.  At 35,000 feet your mobile phone does not have the power to reach a transmitter on the ground.  If you correlate the times of the calls with the data from the Air Traffic Control a large number of these calls would have been unachievable.

The second problem is one of speed.  To simplify, when you place a call your signal first has to perform what’s termed a ‘handshake’ with the receiving tower.  As you move your call is passed from tower to tower via the ‘handshake’ to give smooth continuation of the call.  As we all know you hit ‘dead’ spots even on the motorway.  Bear in mind that I am referring to the UK which has a comprehensive coverage of towers.  In the USA the coverage is not as comprehensive particularly in rural areas.  Now, assuming that you tried to place a call at low altitude, it is possible to make a connection.  However, when travelling at between 400 to 600 miles per hour the passing of your call from one tower to the next, via the ‘handshake’, the speed at which you pass over the crossover points at which the ‘handshake’ takes place is so rapid that the technology would not have the time to continually pass the call between towers.  Ergo, if you managed to get a connection it may well last a few seconds at the most……

I hope that made sense and is yet more evidence of the cover up.  Also the technology exists to model voices using computers.  You would only need a short paragraph of someone’s speach to achieve this modelling.  Bearing in mind the quality of mobile signals, it would not be difficult for an institution with this sort of technology at its disposal to fool parents on short calls.  Who has this technology?  The CIA and MI6.


Have a read of the conversations and draw your own conclusion but I assure you the technicalities are real.  It is yet another unexplained phoneme and smoking gun in the 9/11 cover up……

Support the 9/11 Truth Movement and sign the petitions demanding a full and transparent investigation to bring those responsible to justice……


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