Today’s Sectarian Attacks in Afghanistan……

6 Dec

The M.O. of the Terrorist……

Usually, following a terrorist attack the perpetrators’ are quick to claim responsibility.  This has been historically true of almost all acts of terrorism the exception most notably being 9/11, when Osama Bin Laden immediately deigned responsibility. Today the Taliban have deigned any involvement in today’s attacks in Afghanistan……

The Usual Suspects……

As the allied forces, or United States of America as they are more commonly known, are currently in discussion with the Afghan ‘government’ regarding the withdrawal of troops by 2014, what better reason to extend the terms of engagement than a spate of sectarian terrorist attacks.  This has the fingerprints of the CIA and MI6 all over it.  And you can be assured the fighting will only escalate to achieve the PNAC’s ‘war without end’ against an ‘unseen enemy’.

In times of austerity nothing creates money like a good war……


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