29 Nov

So, the current chancellor, what ever his name is, thinks that by giving you 3p off the already hideous price of petrol (of which £2.36 + VAT goes in the greedy fascists pockets).  Meanwhile, home fuel’s gone up by 25%, the length of time you’re expected to work has gone up and they want more of your wage packet as well; you’ve been well and truly shafted left, right and fucking centre.

It is only a matter of time, once they’ve shafted you out of everything, before there will be masses of people on the streets just like in the ‘Arab Spring’.  At first they’ll get the cops & the military to stop you but the inevitable will happen.  The majority of people on this planet will realise what they need to do and rebalance the scales of fairness…..

Oh, and by the way they’re warmongering against Iran and Syria.  Wonder whats next?



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