Indoctrination of Children into Religion……

28 Nov

The indoctrination of children into religion is in my view a form of psychological abuse.  This may appear an extreme statement but with good reason.  As we know most of the wars that take place are usually linked to either religion, money or both.  Therefore, by indoctrinating children we are storing up trouble for the future.  Not only is there the divisions it creates but in many cases it can cause long term psychological damage through fear.

Children are genetically programmed to trust adults.  It’s an evolutionary development necessary to keep them safe.  Think of the number of dangerous situations from which a child is protected by its parents?  “Don’t touch that poker, it’s hot”, “STOP, there’s a car coming”, “Don’t climb too high”.  These are the sorts of things our children learn to respond to and keep them safe.  The same mechanism is at work when we tell our children Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy will come.  Naturally they believe us.  The difference with religion is that the lies are proliferated and given the appearance of authority by way of their institution.  The notion that children may fear going to hell is disturbing if they are raised within a religion which has drilled that prospect into them.

It is divisive, damaging and cruel.  Your children should be free to choose a religion when they have aquired the knowledge to do so, just as they choose their political allegiances.  You wouldn’t dream of telling your children “If you don’t join the Labour Party you could go to hell forever”, so why indoctrinate them in a religion which is in effect doing the exact same thing……

You may be deluded; your children shouldn’t be……


One Response to “Indoctrination of Children into Religion……”

  1. kyrani99 January 12, 2012 at 6:10 pm #

    I certainly agree that children should not be indoctinated and indocrinated really means that some dogmas are impressed upon them under fear of hell fires etc. This does not mean that an early introduction to the idea of god and religion is a bad thing. I believe that children should be given an education about all religions as well as atheism and they should be encouraged to investigate these matters as any others.
    I disagree with you however that it is religion and even money in itself that is the cause of wars. The human race is made up of two kinds, the humane and the inhumane or what we might commonly call good and evil. Evil people enter into all areas of life, presenting themselves in all sorts of different ways and through these different channels create disharmony and wars. I now a lot of people who claim to be Christian, Buddhists and Muslims and they are two faced demons with a pair of hornes! Their aim is to create religious wars and thereby attempt to destroy a religion from within.

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