£564 Million for Private Defence Consultants……

18 Nov

The Guardian today revealed that the Government has spent £564 million of the defence budget on private consultants.  An internal audit found that the payments were in breach of parliamentary rules and not properly accounted for.

The Secretary of State for Defence, Philip Hammond MP, told Radio 4’s Today program that the money was used for ‘technical advice’ and ‘air worthiness certificates’, amongst other things.  He admitted that there was a culture of inadequate accounting within his ministry and announced spending on private consultants has been slashed to £21 million per year, a reduction of £261 million.  Union leaders called the practice anti-competitive and did not represent good value for the UK tax payer……

Author’s Comment……

The Minister’s claims that the MOD needs to pay private consultants for ‘air worthiness certificates’ is laughable.  The Royal Air Force has huge technical ground support crews who are more than capable of assessing air worthiness and do a very professional job keeping the fleet airborne.  The notion that a private consultant is better placed than the Armed Forces to assess their needs regarding munitions is unlikely.  This is another example of the Government’s introduction of the private sector, in which they have a vested interest, into state affairs.

Having been exposed wasting tax payer’s money, the Minister immediately attempted to place a positive spin on the story by announcing a 92.6% saving on the previous year’s spending.  This will be of little consolation to the 2500 wounded soldiers who could face redundancy in the next round of spending cuts…… 



Why not let Philip Hammond know your views?  You can email him:  hammondp@parliament.uk or why not give him a call on 01784 453544.  Don’t forget, “We’re all in this together” and “They Work for You”……


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