The Caring Face of Politics……

10 Nov

As well as proposing a UK Bill of Rights the government has also announced a Benefit Reform Bill.  Beside the fact that we already have the European Equality & Human Rights Act that applies toUK law, the proposed Benefit Reform Bill will probably fall foul of the European law hence they are hoping to circumvent it.

The DWP sent out a letter to inform recipients of Employment & Support Allowance that they are likely to be affected by the new bill but not to worry as support would be available.  Strange that the DWP would send such a letter more than a year before the bill is even been debated, as if they know something we don’t.  In light of this worrying development I wrote to my MP to express my concerns that people who are to ill to work would suffer a great deal of stress and hardship.  Here is his reply.  Note the language he uses and, without providing any hard evidence, believes all 1.5 million claimants are all playing the system……

Note the language he uses.  “a benefit culture that does not just allow people to act irresponsibly but actively incourages it”.  “perverse incentives”.  “penalise those who choose to live off the hard work of others”.  “the rational thing for people to do is, quite clearly, the wrong thing”.

Statistically, a percentage of the total workforce will be ill.  The MP seems to suggest that this a choice rather than a unfortunate situation for those involved.

The £12 million he states will be used to help the claimants and employers to resolve the situation means that £8 will be allocated to each person to assess their very varied needs and cater for their complexe needs.

Yet again, this is a thinly disguised money saving excercise and has nothing to do with helping the most needy people in our society back into employment.  I’m looking forward to the letter from Iain Ducan Smith.

Perhaps they should start by turning their attention to the billions of pound of tax which the elite avoid each year, most of them doners to the party oddly enough, instead of pursequting sick people……


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