Corruption UK Limited……

11 Oct

First we had the ‘back door’ meetings between the David Cameron and the Murdoch’s, now we find out the Secretary of Defence, Liam Fox has been involved in his own grubby dealings with Adam Werritty, who just happens to have links to the defence industry.  We can be sure that there was no impropriety though because Mr Fox reassured members of the House of Commons that nothing ‘inappropriate’  was discussed; sound familiar?…..

How Can this be Allowed to Happen?…..

We have all worked under, and some of us fallen foul of, the bureaucratic red tape, wrapped liberally around almost every aspect of what we do and, how we are expected to behave in the work place.  Be it, absenteeism, health and safety, inappropriate emails or any number of discriminatory behaviours, there is no escaping it.  This is, of course, unless you work for the Government……

Whiter than White……

Or maybe it should be title ‘Transparency’, for fear of offending the Photocopier.  Given the resources in the work place which are dedicated to the compliance and implementation of The Human Rights and Equalities Act, the one institution you would have expected to uphold them impeccably would be HMG.  Whilst, on the surface at least, lip service is paid to improving the representation of minority groups within the House of Commons, with more female, openly gay, disabled and ethnically diverse ministers gives the impression of a reforming organisation, the reality is still that of a fat rich old boy network doing dodgy backroom deals with same autocratic neo-conservatism that has existed for centuries……

Business as Usual……

On occasions such as the Fox/ Werritty affair, the MP’s expenses scandal, News International and the banking bail out, the media highlights the reality of what is really going on behind closed doors.  HMG continues to act with impunity.  The billions of pounds of tax payers money continues to find its way into the pockets of a select few and the ‘honest, hardworking people’ of this country continue to get fucked over.  Our ‘elected’  representatives, with the exception of Dennis Skinner and a handful of others, are no better than Syria, Burma, Saudi Arabia, North Korea or South Africa.  To see western style democracy in action you need look no further than the former Soviet Union.  Democracy simply made the chosen few rich at the expense of the masses.  And who were the ‘chosen few’?  Those chosen by who they knew, on the same meal ticket as the Fox/ Werritty, Murdoch/Cameron, Rumsfeld/Bush.

We’re all in this Together……

As a friend of mine said, and was risking his liberty by doing so, “I incite you all to take to the streets, set up camp in your MP’s garden and refuse to move until these criminals are brought to justice’.  IT’S TIME FOR ACTION……


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