I Have No Reason to Live……

9 Oct

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I have no reason to live……


My life is empty and the future holds nothing for me.  I won’t do a mundane, minimum wage job for the next 20 years, only to be left with nothing and find myself with the limits placed on me by society, left to rot in dingy social housing without enough money to survive.  My only escape from the position I’m in now is to take enough Heroin or Valium to forget the world for a few hours but it’s always there when I get back.  The same old limited options with pressure from all angles, whether it’s money, a social life, a lover, the list goes on.


I’ve been a self centred selfish bastard as far back as I can remember.  One more selfish act won’t change much.  I’ll fade away in time and it’ll be like I never existed in the first place.


I will find a way to achieve my goal.  The more desperate I become, the more lines I’m prepared to cross and to hell with the reprisals……


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