Do We Need A UK Bill of Rights?…..

1 Oct

In March 2011 the government set up the Bill of Rights Commission which they claim “Incorporates & builds on Britain’s obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights”.  However, the announcement made no mention of the Human Rights Act 1998……

Human Rights Act 1998…… 

The Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA) was built on the existing Convention on Human Rights, which was established shortly after the Second World War.  It is already a part of UK legislation and protects all individuals, regardless of nationality, who fall under the jurist diction of the UK.  The terminology used would seem to suggest that the existing HRA is somehow inadequate and requires improvement?  I do not believe that this is the case and that, in passing a UK Bill of Rights, the government is seeking to circumvent the HRA.  Not that the behaviour of the Blair/Brown government, its complicity in Extraordinary Rendition, the invasion of Iraq and detention of terrorist suspects without due process, shows any adherence to the existing HRA.

What to do Next……

The Commission is open to public consultation until 11 November 2011.  I implore you to use this opportunity to contact your MP, the Home Secretary and the Commission to express your feelings on the subject.  You may want to turn the rhetorical tables and ask:

  • Which ‘obligations’ they intend to incorporate?
  • Which parts they intend to ‘build’ on?
  • If the UK Bill of Rights will submit to the higher authority of the European Court, as we have agreed to under previous legislation?

Further Information……

To find your local representitive:


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