Saudi Arabian Woman Sentenced to Public Flogging……

27 Sep

On the same day that the British Horse Racing Authority declared the UK to be leading the world in animal welfare for restricting the use of the whip, in Saudi Arabia a woman has been sentenced to 10 lashes for driving a car.  I should point out that she wasn’t driving a car at 90 miles per hour up the wrong side of a duel carriageway after drinking a bottle of Vodka; she was simply driving a car……

This is yet another demonstration of an obscene human rights abuse carried out by the Saudi Arabian authorities against its own citizens.  I have yet to see one of our ‘honourable’ politicians appear on television to denounce this vile act of persecution, used to send an unequivocal message to Saudi women just two days after King Abdullah promised to protect women’s rights and allowing them to take part in municipal elections in 2015……

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabian men continue to visit the UK, hire prostitutes, snort Cocaine and get pissed in exclusive London hotels, whilst waving the diplomatic immunity card.  This is, once again, a demonstration of our government’s ability to pick and choose which regimes we consider our friends or enemies.  We are more than happy to sell huge arsenals of military hardware to the Saudis, some of which may well have been used to suppress the recent uprising in Bahrain.  And not forgetting of course, the cessation of the SFO investigation, in the ‘interest of national security’, into allegations that BAE Systems paid a £73 million bribe to a Saudi prince over a lucrative arms deal……

Please email your MP, express your disgust at the treatment of Shaima Jastainav and ask, “What do you intend to do about it?”……


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