Do You Believe in Fairies?…..

19 Aug

Thus far in my cyber-rants religion has escaped.  If you believe in God, apart from being an uneducated, deluded individual, you are also supporting sexist, racist, homophobic institutions and are responsible for more pointless violence than any self serving political movement on Earth.  To be honest, if I didn’t hate everything you stand for, I wouldn’t even bother to blog about you.  So read on, looser……

Without exception, every religion was born out of ignorance.  Belief in a divine creator has its roots in pre-history.  Before the human race had evolved to a time at which they were able to understand the insignificant place they hold in the universe and grasp the physical laws governing it, a god was the only explanation for our existence.  As institutions were built upon the greed of a select few, an effective control of populations was needed to uphold their dominant positions.  At this point, belief born out of ignorance was hijacked to assert and uphold control.  Failure to adhere to the laws supposedly laid down by the divine creator would lead to eternal damnation.  This message was, and is, drilled into impressionable children who have a genetic pre-disposition to trust information sanctioned by their parents……

Fact:   The Church of England invests a portion of its huge wealth in defence contractors.

Fact:   The Catholic Church has contributed to the suffering of millions of African people by its refusal to sanction the use of condoms.

If you are happy to accept the benefits of medicine, communications and transport whilst still upholding your medieval views, you are either; narrow minded, stupid or both.  There is no more proof for the existence of a god than there is for fairies at the bottom of your garden.  If your answer to the philosophical question “how did we get here?” is the belief that we were put here by your god, then where did your god come from?  And, if you have so much faith that your god will save you, then don’t bother going to the doctors when you’re ill, put your trust in your non existent god……



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