Blame it on the boogie……

18 Aug

Ockham’s Razor……

The law of parsimony……  When faced with competing hypotheses that are equal in all other respects, select the one that makes the least assumptions……

I have something on my mind, or rather in it.  It is, apparently, a cyst.  It is located in the left hand side of my brain and at eye level fills half of the lobe.  This, I am told, is the location of my memory.  For about a year odd things have been happening.  I have become very forgetful, particularly with seemingly insignificant things.  I can remember things that are of importance as defined by me, in that, having a particularly inquisitive mind I ponder the nature of existence, am fascinated by Quantum Mechanics, Cosmology and the philosophical questions one inevitably arrives at when gaining an understanding of the laws governing our universe.  I can only speculate that this is why I am able to absorb complex physics whilst not being able to remember conversations I have had only a matter of hours earlier.  I also find myself distracted when performing simple tasks such as, for example, making a cup of coffee, when I will get a tea spoon out of the draw, put a spoon full of coffee in the cup and then get another spoon out, only realising I have done so once returning to the kettle.  Clearly, this would not be considered ‘normal’ behaviour……

Having recently had two seizures, I was referred to the Neurologist to whom I explained my symptoms.  He seemed completely disinterested in anything I have experienced or that this change has only occurred over the past twelve months.  He focussed only on the seizures.  His conclusion is that my many years of self medicating are the cause and the cyst is unrelated.  To me this is the principal of Ockham’s Razor at work.  His advice was “come back if the seizures keep happening”, which is unsettling……

I’ll let you know what happens if, or when, it does, or doesn’t?



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