F**ked Up……

15 Aug

Disclaimer:  By reading this article I accept that I am over 18 and shit….

If Quantum Theory is correct in the proposition that there may be an infinite number of universes in which, mathematics dictates that there are many versions of me, one of them contains a version of me with the Midas touch.  Unfortunately, I have to live in this universe and have had the misfortune to have just the right quantum state in every atom in my body to have ended up with the Diphtheria touch……

Thus far in my dismal existence I have hitherto managed to fuck up everything I’ve ever attempted to do.  I started by fucking up my education.  I went on to fuck up a promising career by fucking up on drugs which, with a predictable degree of certainty, fucked up my health and my family’s lives too.  I’m now financially fucked and mentally fucked.  I have arrived at the point that I’m afraid to create any attachment to anything or anyone for fear that, based on my current track record, I’ll fuck them up as well……

If anyone knows of anybody capable of making more of utter fuck up of everything than me, I love to here from them.  It might give me some incentive to regard small fuck ups as a minor achievement……

If you have anything you’d like any help fucking up, let me know……


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