Panic on the Streets of London……

11 Aug

I fully support the calls for arsonist & looters to be held to account & subjected to the same criminal proceedings as any other person who acts unlawfully.  However, politician after politician has popped up in the media to condemn the actions of the rioters, joined by the Home Secretary and the Prime Minister.  It does seem to me that our elected officials pick and choose which laws they apply & which groups of people they apply them to.  If I remember correctly, we were lied to about the reasons for invading Iraq.  Most of the members of the house fiddled their expenses & having explained to us how protecting the people of Libya was our moral imperative when the citizens of Syria continue to suffer at the hands of their unelected dictator, though this is somehow different……

Wake up & smell the coffee. 

A law is a law & if you break one you should face the consequences.  That is of course unless you happen to go to work in a suit & have the letters M & P after your name……

And just one more prediction, which those of you who know me will have heard me raise before, the alledged & probably exadurated use of ‘social media’ to arrange the trouble in London is just another reason that they’ll use to control the internet in a bid to gain more control over what you do, who you communicate with & where you go.  Mark my words:  We will soon hear the announcement of an ‘Internet Usage Bill’.  I don’t know how they’ll approach it but I imagine it will be akin to internet banking, where you have to log in before you can even surf the net.  That way they’ll know what you’re up to.  Meanwhile they’ll carry on doing back room deals with the likes of the Murdocks & sell ammunition to Saudi Arabia, just as long as we don’t break any laws……

They’re also proposing to bring in the military, probably because the financial constraints placed on the Met have left them unable to effectively do their jobs.  This is a very dangerous move.  When the armed forces are facing their own citizens you’re heading into Tianaman Square scenario & that’s how revolutions start?……

I continue to watch with interest……


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