Politicians, Police Officers and the Press……

19 Jul

Recent events surrounding the News of the World phone hacking scandal would seem to suggest, as David Cameron was so keen to endorse not so long ago, that “We are all in this together”.  As an ex-drug addict I could write a book thicker than War & Peace on lies & deceit.  However, it seems some of our most senior officials could write an encyclopaedia.

The failure of the investigation into the affair quite clearly demonstrates either gross incompetence, inconceivable negligence, corruption, collusion and/or, all of the above.  In March 2003, Rebekah Brooks (nee Wade) told a Government Select Committee “We have paid the Police for information in the past”.  When asked “Would you do it again in the future?”, the shovel was swiftly taken out of her hands by Andy Coulson who stated “We operate within the code and within the law”.  It was then pointed out to Mr. Coulson that making payments to Police Officers for information is illegal, in reply to which he reiterated his previous statement.  Now I am not a Barrister, nor have I studied law but what is perfectly clear is that despite Mr. Coulson’s protestations that “We operate within the code and within the law”, Rebekah Brooks had just stated to a Government Select Committee that payments were made to Police officers for information.  Whatever information she was referring to is irrelevant.  It is a criminal offence to pay a Police Officer for information.  That exchange provided sufficient grounds for the Metropolitan Police to question Rebekah Brooks to establish what information had been obtained and from where.  In light of the fact that this was shortly after the tragic murder of 13 year old Milly Dowler and the Police being aware that messages had been deleted from her mobile phone by someone other than Milly, in my opinion clearly demonstrates the incompetence of the Police to properly investigate her murder.

Getting down to the nut and bolts of the matter, in the same way that our politicians need the banking system, the media is also crucial to the implementation of the grand plan.  The Murdoch Empire has been courted by successive governments, regardless of political persuasion and is a crucial to the control of the subservient electorate.  They are no higher up the ethical spectrum than Columbian drug cartels or 1920’s Chicago gangsters.  It is regrettable that decent, honest and fair politicians such as Tony Benn or Dennis Skinner have to share the same chamber as the neo-conservative scum who are only there for one reason and one reason only and that is not for your benefit.

Yet again they’ve been caught out and what will be the outcome?  NOTHING.  We’ll no doubt get a sycophantic apology and then it’ll be back to business.  As if the pain inflicted on an innocent family grieving the loss of their beautiful daughter under such horrific circumstances wasn’t sick enough, our leaders, their flunkies, banking friends and media buddies will continue to steal our money, take our jobs, undermine the public services that our forefathers fought for and carry on doing quite nicely, thank you……

It stinks like a bucket of rotting offal……


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